New Blog Launch


I am very excited to tell you about a brand new blog we have just launched.

It’s called International Heat, and it features a host of erotic romance lovers – from all across the world.

International Heat is the brainchild of Viv Arend. She’s roped fellow authors Mari Carr, Jambrea Jo Jones, Lila Dubois, Rhian Cahill and me into joining her in this cool new venture.

But wait! There’s more. See it’s not only about authors. It’s about Artists (Valerie Tibbs), Editors (Sherry Ricardo) and Reviewers (T) too.

So what are you waiting for. Hop on over to our new blog and say hi!



4 thoughts on “New Blog Launch

  1. LOL
    Hey, when I blogged about it I had to keep flicking over to the IH site to check I had everyone and their names spelt right. I wasn’t worried, I’m loud enough they’d soon work out I was there.

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