Steve’s Story: Now Available

OMG. I cannot believe the day has finally arrived. Feels like I’ve waited forever for this book to release.

So, today, April 28th, I am happy to say:

Steve’s Story, Book 2 in the Circle of Friends Series, is now officially available at Samhain Publishing and MBaM.

Yes, I have to show you the cover again. How can I resist this opportunity?


Circle of Friends: Steve’s Story – The Blurb

When love is threatened by truth, every moment counts…

Steve Sommers is having a gut-wrenching week.  His fiancée has left him, the woman who broke his heart is back in town—and they’re all gathered at the bedside of his best friend, who’s in a coma. The emotional ties between them are strained to the breaking point.  Like it or not, it’s up to Steve to find the strength and compassion to support the four of them through the toughest ordeal of their lives.

In the midst of the turmoil and trauma, passion unexpectedly flares anew between Steve and the woman he loves. Suddenly the future he’d believed lost lies within his reach. But she still carries the secret that once tore them apart, and determined to protect Steve from the truth, she fights their rekindled relationship every step of the way.

Now the fragile bond they’ve developed hangs in the balance, threatened by a reality that love may not be strong enough to overcome…

Warning: This book might just make you cry, but it’ll make you smile as well. The story will probably get you all hot and bothered too. It contains naughty activities in the car, sex on the kitchen counter (and up against the wall), a quickie in the garden—oh, and some hot loving in the bedroom.

Ready for an excerpt?

Well, okay then. But don’t read this if you’re under 18!

Steve’s Story – Excerpt

He leaned back against the door and crossed one foot in front of the other. Then he hitched his thumbs through his belt loops too. “What don’t I understand?”
The movement drew her gaze downwards, and this time it wasn’t so easy tearing it away. She stared at his groin, forgetting what she wanted to say. A low-grade ache started up between her legs. A tingling sensation she couldn’t ignore. She bit her lip.
Lift your eyes, woman. Look into his face.
God knew she wanted to, like she wanted to tell him why he’d got it all wrong, but for the life of her she couldn’t move. She couldn’t put two words together. All she could do was stare at his cock as memories of that other life suffused her. Memories of how she’d loved him—and how he’d loved her.
“Fuck, Penelope,” he rasped. “What are you doing?”
He didn’t move, but beneath her gaze the soft denim of his jeans shifted and pulled tight across his groin. She didn’t suppress her groan this time. It had nothing to do with the pain she caused him and everything to do with his growing erection.
“You’re killing me, lady.” It was the timbre of his voice that finally broke the spell, the deep longing in his words that propelled her into motion.
“You don’t understand, Steve,” she said one more time, before she launched herself into his arms and clamped her mouth to his.
She was only human. One human, fallible woman, and he was her drug. Her addiction. Fuck, she shouldn’t be doing this. She should be walking the hell away, or better yet, slamming the door behind him, confirming his beliefs. But damn it, she couldn’t. Not again.
Steve absorbed her weight without flinching. If anything, he froze, holding his body hard and tense—like an elastic band pulled taut. He didn’t respond to the urgency of her kiss. His lips, usually soft and warm and welcoming, were clenched together in two thin lines, and his shoulders, usually curved protectively around her form, were stiff and unyielding.
Ah, but his cock. His jean-framed cock. It spoke volumes. Full and erect, it did not hide what the rest of his body strove so hard to cover. His desire. The ache in her groin deepened, and she ground her hips into his, rubbing her clit against his erection. She dragged her right hand up the solid muscle of his thigh while she buried her left one in his blond hair—his thick, silky, blond hair. And then she opened her mouth and touched her tongue to his lips.
Steve gave an agonized cry and closed his arms around her, pressing her closer. His lips moved softly, sensuously against hers, drawing her teasing tongue into his mouth. The muscles in his leg tightened beneath her fingers as her hand trailed from the outer seam of his jeans around to his inner thigh. She felt the restrained power in the flex of his movement.
He pressed her even closer, so close it was hard to breathe, and intensified the kiss. Breathless, she couldn’t wait to run her hands over his erection. Revel in the knowledge that she’d been the one to put it there.



You can buy the book here!

Happy reading,



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