Spotlight on: Selena Illyria

Yep, she back. The wonderful Miss Illyria.

In the past few months she’s had so many books published, I gave up counting after her 14 000th new release. LOL, OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there is no question this woman is taking the erotic romance world by storm.

Please welcome… Selena!



The places I would love to go

Selena Illyria

In the last few months I’ve released quite a range of books from the vampires in my Blood Claim universe to Werewolves in my Tartan Werewolves series and then I delved into mythology and put my spin on the Roman God Pluto. Gone into the future with With His Mind and dabbled in BDSM and Sci Fi in At Drogan’s Command.
It’s so much fun dipping in and out of other worlds, putting my spin on things, experimenting, expanding and trying new things. I would love take on Cyberpunk, go back into mythology and maybe dabble in Urban Fantasy.
I’d also love to take on the superhero genre, I’ve got a three book series in mind. *Grin* I’ve been reading a few comic books and I just love the artwork and storytelling, so creative. I’d also love to do a story based in the anime world. Hehehe. That would fun.
So here’s a question for you, dear readers, what genres would you like to see more of? Steam punk? Cyber punk?
Comment and be entered to win a copy of Tartan Twins. Good Luck!

Thank You Jess for allowing me to take over your blog. *Grin* Big Hugs!

Dear Reader,

Let Me Seduce You . . .

Love, Selena Illyria:

Out Now at Loose-Id: Blood Claim: Prelude
Out Now, Tease Publishing LLC., : Catering to Hayley
Out Now at Changeling Press: Tartan Twins


12 thoughts on “Spotlight on: Selena Illyria

  1. Hi Ladies, Thought I’d pop on over and say HI. Selena your book sounds really good, the “Tartan Twins” I would love to read it.

  2. I would love to read more in the Tartan Werewolves series. You have me hooked on those gorgeous weres.

    I love BDSM, Menage, Paranormal(werewolves and vampires), and especially Time-Travel genres.

    I have run across a few shifter stories that were very unusual. They dealt in arachnids. Something you don’t read about every day.

    About the steam punk and cyber punk question, I love the works of Jules Verne so steam punk would edge out cyber punk in my book.

    Thanks for Tartan Twins. I loved it. I’ve been hanging on to hear about Robin and now there is a new female alpha from America. Robin’s from America. When will the next story be out? Who is it about? Will it wrap up the loose ends with Robin and the twins? I just can’t wait.

  3. Hi orelukjp0! Thank You so much.I’m so glad you liked TT. 🙂

    Tartan Mind will be out May 22nd. We’ll be going back in time for the next one to Conall’s wedding and then forward to focus on Lexi and Kameron. We will move forward into the present with Brody and Talia’s book and deal with a few things there.

    Great genres. 🙂

  4. Hey Se
    LOL, with all your new releases it sure feels like you must write in your sleep. When else do you find the time?

    Um Orelujkp0 (that’s a mouthful:))
    Arachnid shifters…? Nope, sorry not for me. A little too creepy.


  5. I haven’t read the Tartan Twins yet, but I love werewolf stories and really enjoyed the excerpt. I am a newbie to both cyber punk and steampunk, but would be game to try them out.

  6. Hi Se, I always enjoy shifter stories, and read BDSM, Manage and most Paranormal as well. Read some contemporary but usually because I am following an author or it is published by Samhain. Am still deciding if I like the steam/cyper punk genre but if you write it I will read it. I do not have your entire backlist yet but I am working on it and have to say whatever you choose to write you put your own spin on it and make it fun.

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