International Heat Spotlight on: Rhian Cahill

SHE WAS THE WINNER OF LILA’S SPOTLIGHT WEEK. HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR PRIZE RAIN. (Oh, and did you happen to notice the Weekend Warrior who announced Rain’s winning over at International Heat? Oh my!)

And now, moving on to this weeks International Heat Spotlighter:

Rhian Cahill

The first time I met Rhian I got the impression she spoke a lot. I was right. The woman can talk the hind leg off a donkey. 🙂 (Maybe that’s a reflection of her writing, since Rhian has written 20 books!) Rhian spoke about writing and reviewing, erotic romance and books for hours over a wonderful lunch with myself and Caitlyn Nicholas, at Cafe Sydney, overlooking the Sydney Harbour Brdge on a sunny summer afternoon earlier this year.

Now Rhian has become a good friend and a confidante over at International Heat. And yep – she still talks a lot, as is evidenced by her some 100 emails a day.

RC (as I call her) writes super hot erotic romance. Her first book was published recently at Noble Romance Publishing. It’s the first in a series, and I believe, the first in a long and happy career as a published author.

If you’d like to find out more about RC, well Lila Dubois has asked her ten veeeeeeeery interesting questions over at her blog. (I strongly suggest you go on over and take a peak. You won’t regret it.)

In the meantime, here’s some more info on…

One Night in Bangkok by Rhian Cahill


One night in Bangkok is all it takes to turn Beth Martin’s future plans upside down. After being betrayed by her fiance the last thing she needs is another man screwing up her life. But Tom is different. He makes her feel sensations long forgotten, makes her want in ways best left unspoken. Can she live out her wildest fantasies in one decadent night? And when it’s over, can she walk away, or will what she doesn’t want prove to be what she needs?

Buy the book

For your chance to win a prize, compliments of RC, don’t forget to leave a comment here, and on the other IH blogs. The more comments you leave, the better your chances of winning.

Good luck.



9 thoughts on “International Heat Spotlight on: Rhian Cahill

  1. Hi Rhian,

    Congratulations on being the spotlight author this week.

    OK, so you have written 20 books…I suppose I’ll find out next that you DO have a pet named Snickers. In any event ONIB sounds like a pretty good book!

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  4. Hi again Rhian! You say this may be a series? How will it be a series? of related characters or a variety of settings or theme? I’d love to know more. I love series! Off to check out your post too at your blog!

  5. Karen Snickers is my cat. The other two are Boost and Malteaser. LOL
    Ummm… Natasha why am I Mistress? Did I miss something?
    Cathie it’s a series of short stories about woman finding love and lust in a foreign country. None of the characters are related, well not yet anyway. *grin*

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