Coming Soon: A Question of Love

My latest novella only took a year to write. (See, I  always said I was the slowest writer in the world.) But that is no longer important.

The good news is, the book has just been contracted by Samhain.

So, wanna know more about it? It’s quite exciting actually. It is the sequel to the Menage and More Anthology story, A Question of Trust.

A Question of Love is Gabe and Tina’s story and it will (hopefully) be available in November.

Coming Soon

A Question of Love: The unofficial blurb

A past with three, a future for two

Gabe Carter has loved Tina Jenkins for four years. He may have given her up as a matter of honor, but his feelings for her were never in question. Now times have changed and previously made promises have been discarded. Gabe is going after what he wants—and there is nothing he desires more than Tina.

When Gabe left Tina four years ago, he tore apart the most special of bonds, destroying not only their liaison, but her relationship with his best friend as well. Instead of two lovers, Tina was left with none. Putting the pieces of her broken heart and her shattered life back together was a struggle she never wishes to repeat.

But Gabe’s back and he’s determined to pick up where they left off—only this time without his best friend. He wants Tina all to himself, and she can’t help but respond to his seduction. The only problem is she wants the whole package deal. She wants Gabe—and his friend.

It’s up to Gabe to prove to Tina that he’s more than enough man for her.

Warning: If piping hot sex, ménage scenes, adult toys, anal play, short blonde heroines and stacked, muscular heroes are not your cup of tea, then don’t read this book. You won’t enjoy it.




6 thoughts on “Coming Soon: A Question of Love

  1. Congrats!!!!!
    I know I said that already. LOL
    We might be publisher or release day buddies but we’re contract offer buddies!
    Congrats again sweetie.

  2. Lexxie, I am fasinated by Australian books, and I love all of your books. I’m already waiting eagerly for Death, the Vamp, and His Brother. Now your other new one is on my MUST READ list too.


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