International Heat Spotlight: Jambrea Jo Jones


And now onto this week’s spotlight: Jambrea Jo Jones, otherwise known as JJJ.

I don’t think there is an erotic romance reader or writer who does not know this woman. Partly because she never shuts up, partly because she holds the record for belonging to the most number of Yahoo groups – ever, and partly because JJJ is making her name as a romance writer in the wonderful world of ebooks.

I first met JJJ at the Samhain Cafe. If ever I was looking for a friendly face or a good laugh, JJJ was always there. Then she wrote up two fabulous reviews of my books, and won a fan for life. I adore JJJ. She is mad, funny, a laugh a minute, and – it turns out – quite a writer too. (And for those of you who don’t know, she is a huge fan of TA Chase. But she doesn’t like to advertise that detail. In fact, she’s pretty reserved in her adulation of the man.)


Wanna know what JJJ has written? Well, just read on:


Forever Guy, in the One Touch, One Glance Anthology available at Freya’s Bower.


Runaway Man, also available at Freya’s Bower .


Unseen Path coming soon from eXtasy.

Other titles Jambrea will be releasing soon include Dreams, (part of Over the Moon anthology at Total eBound releasing in November) and the first in a new series:  Magnus: Semper Fi which will release soon at Liquid Silver.

Please leave a comment about Jambrea if you would like to go into a draw to win a prize from her. Also, check out the other IH blogs (listed inthe top post). The more comments you leave, the better your chances are of winning!



10 thoughts on “International Heat Spotlight: Jambrea Jo Jones

  1. Shhh….you were supposed to keep the TA thing a secret! ROLF!!

    Something people might not know is Jess helped me with my story Dreams. It was my first attempt at writing and she deserves a gold star for reading through it! 🙂

    xox Thank Jess for the wonderful spotlight.

  2. Jambrea’s a fan of TA Chase. Why did I not know that…lol

    Jess, she is great at always being there for everyone! I love her books and cannot wait for all the new books coming out. Things are just going to continue to get better and better for Jambrea.

    Congrats again, Jambrea!

  3. Yeah Right!!! As if the whole world did’t already know that Jambrea was TA’s #1 stalk… er, FAN. that’s what I meant to say.

    Keep up the good work Brea!


  4. Wait, JJJ’s a fan of TA? Does he know? 😉

    Congrats on being in the spotlight Jambrea, and on all your scrumptious-looking new releases!


    • Thanks Lynda. I love them too and I hope it shows in Mag. 🙂 I cant wait for it to release either!! Congrats on your win!

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