International Heat Spotlight: T


And now, onto T…

Ah, what can I say about the wonderful T?

Well, for one thing, she’s a bit strange.

Yes, she is! (I have proof.)

This woman has no idea how to tell day from night. When the rest of the USA sleeps, T gets up to start her day. You’ll never find her on her computer at regular hours. Nope, she has to wait til it’s pitch black outside, ’til all the lights in the entire neighbourhood have gone off, and only then will she climb out of bed. Which is actually a great thing for me and Rhian Cahill, because when the rest of IH is asleep, there’s always T to chat to.

I first met T when she was a moderator at the Samhain Cafe. And of course I loved her – especially after she posted a fantastic review for A Question of Trust (written by Sandie) on her website. At that time, reviewing seemed to be just a hobby for T. Who woulda thought that now she’s a regular reviewer, and posts several reviews a month over at her blog, Ebook Addict.


T doesn’t just focus on reviews. She runs loads of contests, and is always interviewing authors. (LOL, it won’t take long for you to realise that T has a special spot for m/m romance.) Seriously, you should go and check out her blog to read more. I think you’ll enjoy yourself there.

If T hasn’t yet reviewed one of your books, and you would like her to, contact her at: But be warned. T is not going to sugarcoat her reviews with sweet, syrupy words of praise. She’s gonna be honest. If she likes your book, she’ll let the readers know. If she doesn’t, well, she won’t rip you to shreds and make you cry, but she won’t pretend either. Which is why you can always trust one of her reviews, and it’s why so many of us have begun buying books based on her recommendations.

To make T’s spotlight extra special, she is giving away a $10 voucher from ARe. (See? She really is wonderful.) All you have to do for your chance to win is visit the various iH blogs, and leave a comment or two. The more comments you leave, the bigger your chance of winning. Good luck.




12 thoughts on “International Heat Spotlight: T

  1. In my obsessive-compulsive way of reading fiction, last night I converted ONLY TYLER into a .doc, and then begun fiddling with the format. Whilst doing so, I skim-read as I went along, and I can tell this is an emotional read. Even the dedication to those with an unknown future…I felt like that was dedicated to me 🙂

    Feel sorry for Steve at this stage. Guess that’s why you wrote STEVE’S STORY next 😉 I’ll have to chase that up later…

    Thanks for everything, and have a lovely day! 🙂

  2. OMG – Jess you are so making me cry, good tears but tears all the same – lol

    The sun is about to peek over the horizon s this vampire is headed to bed:)

    I luvs ya!!

  3. Hope you get to read the whole book, and enjoy it, Tez.
    And yep, I had to write Steve’s Story. I had no choice.
    (Oh, and I hope your future unfolds in a real good way…)


  4. Thank you Allison, I’m afraid I haven’t updated much lately, getting the kid ready for school is an all month chore these days, but I have 3 new reviews in the works soon.

  5. I love T’s reviews, she never has lead me to a book I didn’t love! She is wonderful for feeding my addiction to m/m books. Congrats on being in the spotlight.

  6. Wow, T! Now I gotta go see what you recommended! A great reviewer is invaluable! And it’s not easy to be one!

    Congrats on being in the spotlight!

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