Surprise International Heat Spotlight: Lexxie Couper


Okay, now let’s get down to business!

Remember last week, on Mari’s spotlight, I said there was a little surprise in store? Well, here she is: Our naughty little surprise. (Yep, naughty is the key word there.) LEXXIE COUPER. I’m thrilled to announce she is our latest and lastest member of International Heat. Woo hooo. I am so excited she’s here, I’m doing the lampshade happy dance.

The extra cool thing about Lex is that she’s a fair dinkum Aussie Sheila. Born, bred and still based Down Under. (Unlike myself – born in South Africa) and RC (based in Singapore.) Which means she can pash and root play the didgeridoo and throw a boomerang with the best of them. ;D

If you haven’t already met Lexxie, I’m sure you’ve read about her on my blog. Yep, she’s featured here a couple of times. Now, it’s true Lexxie is a brilliant author, and writes hot, sexy paranormals that first have you gripped until the final word of the story, and second, have you desperate to find a significant other to, uh, work off some of that heat. But the real reason I adore Lex has nothing to do with her skills with a pen/keyboard. See, Lexi introduced me to two very, very, very, very hawt, sexy men:

Sam and Bill True Blood

Yep, Bill and Sam.

Okay, I should be saying Lexxie introduced me to my new favorite program: True Blood! And for that I will be eternally grateful. But I’m getting sidetracked here – heck, who wouldn’t when thinking about Bill AND Sam – let’s get to the point:

Lexxie Couper’s Writing and Books:

Did you know, Lexxie is not only an author of erotic romance? She has dabbled in porn cartoons. 😀 Check it out here.

She also writes sweet, beautiful and romantic poetry. This is just one example of her unique, er, talent:

There was a young man from Australia
Who in bed, was never a failure.
He could bang on all night
And his arse was real tight
In fact, he was a real animalia!

Then I could go into great detail about all of her books, but I’d run clean out of blogging space. So I cheated. I hopped on to her website, and stole her cover pics to show you:


Plus there’s her new release at Samhain:

death, the vamp

Lex: Welcome to International Heat. It is wonderful to have you!

For your chance to win a super prize, compliments of our brand new member, all you need to do is leave a comment here. If you’d like to increase your chances of winning, head on over to the rest of the IH blogs, including Lexxie’s and leave comments there as well.

Good luck.



11 thoughts on “Surprise International Heat Spotlight: Lexxie Couper

  1. Nice intro Jess. Lexxie is very talented…poetry and cartoon, too! I could not link to the cartoons, it just didn’t work. Welcome Lexxie. You are in a great group of writers. Looking forward to more of your work.

  2. This is a new author for me. Glad to make her acquaintance!!! I’ll check out the cartoons and her site.

    Thanks for the contest!!!

    mitzihinkey at sbcglobal dot net

  3. RC – Never apologise for singing/shouting/yelling “Go Aussie, go!” In fact, I’ll sing/shout/yell it with you. Ready? GO, AUSSIE, GO!!!

    Armenia…yes, I’m definitely stalking you. Scared yet?

    Mitzi – Don’t believe anything they say…wait, Jess said some really nice things, didn’t she? Hmmm, ok, believe EVERYTHING she says unless it involves artichokes *grin*

    As for you, Jess… I am horrified and mortified and just a little miffed you haven’t mentioned Eric! Holy smokes, that viking vamp makes me go allllll sorts of squirmies *drool* Oh, and thank you for the intro. I tip my lampshade to you 😉

    I mentioned over on the IH blog I was going to be a real tease and throw out some random paragraphs from my various blurbs at all the other IH members blogs, just because I’m that kind of girl…

    (There’s a contest involved, of course. The first person who tells me which books the paragraphs come from wins any Lexxie Couper ebook of their choice. How’s that sound)

    Paragraph #5- “As far as Patrick’s concerned, the whole thing is a load of bull. But what if everything Death tells him turns out to be true? How is he expected to save mankind from the worst fate of all—the Apocalypse? Especially when all he can think about is how quickly he’s falling in love with the most feared Horseman of them all…”

    • Ya know what, Lex?
      I only know Eric from series one, and although he’s blonde (and yep, I LOVE blondes) he just didn’t do it for me. Will have to wait for series two, before I cast an absolute judgement…


  4. Great intro! And Great work on turning Jess on to True Blood! It is so Great,,And I just love Eric this season!

    I hope you enjoy your week in the spotlight Lexxie!!
    And the answer is Death, The Vamp and His Brother!
    I already answered one other one and wasn’t sure if we have to answer them all to win…


  5. Lexi, I would love to try your books. I had no idea there were explicit comic books floating around! Things have changed since I was a kid!

  6. Oh, Eric…..*drool* Eric…….

    Amy, I plan to become ubiquitous (actually, that sounds painful. I plan on becoming omnipresent. Nope, still painful.) I plan on being EVERYWHERE! Mwhahaha *grin*

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