One day to release – and five Cherries!

It’s close. So close I can barely stand it.

Going All In releases tomorrow at Samhain. Well, actually, it releases today – because its already the 29th of December in Sydney. (Which means it’s one of those incredibly loooong days waiting for the book to release.)

Did I mention the book already has one incredible review?

Tuberose, at Whipped Cream Reviews, gave it FIVE CHERRIES!

This is what she had to say:

“Ms. Dee does an awesome job of pulling you into this unique relationship between two very HOT men and one lucky woman. The emotions shown by all three involved make you feel like you are there with them. I could not put the book down, desperate to know if they would “go all in”. If you love hot books, you cannot go wrong with this one.”

Thank you, Tuberose!



2 thoughts on “One day to release – and five Cherries!


    Awesome book, Jess. Congrats, and it’s HERE!

    The MB&M gods were nice and turned today into a 28/29 release for you. :smooches:

    Enjoy your EIGHTH release!!!

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