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She hasn’t been round to visit in a while, but I’m happy to say Selena Illyria is back! She’s had about 14 547 new releases since last she blogged here, and is about to tell you about yet another one.

Ready for it?

Then please welcome Selena!!!


Last Call Europe: Chocolate Shock

Drink Recipe: Chocolate Shock Cocktail Recipe


1 shot Cinnamon Liqueur

8 oz (Hot) Chocolate


Pour aftershock into a heatproof cup with hot chocolate, and serve.
That was the drink I chose for my contribution to the fantastic Last Call Europe series a spin off of the fantastic Last Call series by Moira Rogers.
I had many ideas for my story, wasn’t sure where to begin and then the Love Fairy came along and with her a sexy jaguar shifter. Up until this point I hadn’t written a cat shifter even though, I’m more of a, *whispers* cat person. Shhhh, don’t tell my werewolves. *Chuckles and looks around nervously* Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to expect with this story.  I had the premise down but this couple just surprised me.
Garrison was a joy to write, so sexy, his sole focus on Alastrina, so intense and yet he has his shadows. One day I’ll delve deeper into what makes him tick. I just know there’s a tale or two there. And if you’ve read the story, you know that he mentions a brother, who is very much alive and is in fact a werewolf. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Hehe.
As for Alastrina, the Love Fairy angle just came to me. I pictured this petite, curvy fair with pink streaks in her curly hair who was just worn out. Her boss had been working her hard and she just wanted a break from it all. She goes to the Last Call Bar in London for a night away, some time to herself and what’s a bit of sex too top everything off.
This story was just too much fun to write and I fell in love with his couple and the secondary characters. I do plan on revisiting the Last Call Europe bar again, I’ve contracted a story called Dog Sled for it. I’ll let you make your own assumptions about what will happen there. But I also want to give Alastrina’s Fairy friends their own stories as well as Garrison’s brother. *Grin*

Here’s a peek at Last Call Europe: Chocolate Shock. Enjoy!

Out Now at Changeling Press!
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All romanced out, Love Fairy Alastrina is tired of putting together happy couples. All she wants is a little bit of “me time” to forget her job for one night. She strides into Last Call: London looking for some action.
Chocolate Shock: Heat packed sexin’ — no baggage required or desired.
Rebellious leopard shifter Garrison Fredricks may be the answer to all her needs. Some sexy talk and a bit of action is just what the love fairy ordered. Only problem is he has a teensy-weensy little secret that may piss her off. And a Love Fairy pissed off is not a good thing.

Adult Excerpt ®

Last Call Europe: Chocolate Shock

Selena Illyria
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2009 Selena Illyria

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Garrison’s beer arrived. He took a pull from it and slouched in his seat, still bored, still restless. The door opened and out of habit he glanced toward the entrance, only to have his breath catch in his throat. His heart skipped a beat and then sped up. Warmth flowed over him as his body tightened. His cock hardened and pressed against his jeans.
“Oh, fuck me,” he groaned, as he watched the woman in the tightest jeans he had ever seen stroll into the bar and wind her way gracefully through the crowd. She had a corset that showcased her high breasts and a small waist. Her ass made him want to bite his bottom lip to hold back the moan threatening to escape.
She was a tiny thing with riotous dark brown curls streaked with pink. When she turned around, he saw her face. Her features were delicate with a small pert nose. Her lips were full and tempting, slicked with shimmering pale pink gloss.
Blow job lips, he thought, and he wanted those lips on him, covering his body in sweet love bites before she sucked him off ’til he shot his load down her throat. His cock jumped as the fire burning within him became an inferno lapping at his veins.
His leopard scratched at the flesh bars of its prison, wanting to go up to the woman it desired and mark her with its scent. She made things worse by turning back toward the bar, giving him another glimpse of her perfectly rounded ass. The corset left a wide strip of skin exposed above the waistband. Her perfect mocha skin was adorned with a colorful tattoo done in glittering pink ink. He had to strain his eyes to make out the glyphs and symbols on her lower back.
“Lean over some more, love. Give daddy a good look at what it says,” he urged softly. As if she heard him, she stuck her ass out further and he sucked in a breath as his pulse pounded in his ears and need roared through him. He had to shake his head to clear the lust wrapping around his mind like a gossamer web.
He squinted to see better and read the tattoo.
“Fairy Alastrina, daughter of Elan, servant of Labhaoise.” He stroked his chin, his fingers slightly burned from the abrasion of his stubble. Half of his brain saw opportunity to bring a genuine Fairy to Eros, and the other half wanted to fuck the living daylights out of her.
“Alastrina.” He tested her name on his tongue. The sound of his voice came out husky with the edge of a purr. An image rose of him pounding into her pussy as she cried out in ecstasy before he came himself, spurting his seed deep inside of her as he called out her name, and he swore. Their sweat-slicked bodies moved and ground against one another as they started yet another round.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he chanted. This was not what he needed. Tomorrow he would be going to see Eros. A meeting with him was draining. The love god liked to pick and poke at Garrison’s mental shields. It was a game of chicken because Garrison would be doing the same. Five hundred years of servitude to Eros had taught him all of the god’s weaknesses but no way to exploit them, although Eros knew all of Garrison’s weaknesses and abused them every opportunity he got.
One of his weaknesses was standing a few feet away. This night was either gonna be hell or heaven. He wouldn’t put it past Eros to send him a sexy little gift in the form of this Fairy. Whether it was a trap or not, he was going to fall into bed with her. The question was how. There were others who had noticed her arrival. One of the bolder admirers strode up to her. Before he could even open his mouth he was shot down and sent on his way, a deep red flush of embarrassment on his cheeks for his trouble.
“Mmmm, sassy, I like that.” Garrison sat back and watched as, one by one, men and even a few women went up to curry her favor. After the fourth person was sent away he couldn’t help but wonder why they all wanted a piece of her. She was gorgeous but there had to be something else. He decided to test a theory.
With great concentration he dropped his mental shields a sliver and tasted her power. It was like the sweetest, thickest honey. There was a hint of spice, an indefinable quality that made its potency richer, more seductive to the palate. Power rolled off of her in waves.
Understanding dawned on him all at once; she was a Love Fairy. Legend had it that to be touched or even come in contact with one could bring you good luck in the love department. They weren’t hitting on her. They were asking for her services. He felt bad for them but most of all he felt sad for her. Must be tough never being off the clock to some people. Then again, he could understand how she felt. He was at Eros’ call night and day. Didn’t matter where he was, who he was with or what he was doing, if Eros summoned him Garrison had to go.
As he studied the woman, his desire burned through him. Instead of doing his usual saunter up and try his luck routine, he decided to wait and see what developed. If he played his cards right, there would be no need for him to do anything.


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Turn It On

Viv Arend has a new release, and as usual, I am proud as punch to rave about it and this fabulous author.

Yes, I’ve read the book. Ages ago. ( Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah)


Yep, I loved it. But then I am an unabashed huge fan of Viv.

And yep, you will love it too.

It’s an erotic, contemporary novel, and the first in a whole new series for Viv.

You can pick up your copy right now at Samhain’s bookstore!


Turn It On

Pushing the sensual limits can set off all kinds of alarms…

Turner Twins, Book 1

Inheriting her grandmother’s home is a dream come true for web designer Maxine Turner. She’s looking forward to a little freedom from the constant demands of her beloved, crazy mob of a family. When vandals expose just how vulnerable she is living alone, she seeks help.

Ryan Claymore’s well-thought-out life was wrenched out from under him when responsibility for his special-needs step-brother landed on his shoulders. Going from military man to business man hasn’t been easy. He counts himself lucky he’s found Maxine to trade his security-system knowledge for her web site expertise.

The red-hot chemistry that sizzles between them comes from out of the blue, and they both fight a losing battle to resist. Even the secret Ryan hides isn’t enough to keep Maxine from working her way into his heart—and his bed.

But something else might tear them apart. Whoever seems determined to destroy her home, and her sanity along with it.

Warning: Realistic multiple orgasm sex scenes, men getting in touch with their emotions, brothers being—well—brothers, and a very tempting back porch swing…you have been warned.

Buy Link:


She sat curled up in the corner of the swing leaning on a pillow. She had her long legs tucked under her while she focused on the lake. Her rich auburn hair draped over her shoulders and her eyes sparkled. His body tightened and he longed to stroke her skin to see if it was as soft as it looked. After handing her a glass of wine, he settled in the opposite corner to admire her better.

“The view is spectacular, isn’t it?” Max spoke quietly.

He sat mesmerized by the sight of her. The arousal pounding through his blood shouted for him to hurry up, while his instincts warned him to move with caution. They both fell silent, sipping their wine and staring at the dark lake reflecting twinkling lights from a distant house.

“When I was little I always wanted to sleep on the swing. We’d come for family dinners, and there would be major chaos, with the cousins and aunts and uncles everywhere. I’d get tired of the noise after a bit and come here and curl up with a book. In my imagination I was on a pirate ship and this was my hammock, but no matter how much I begged at the end of the evening, Mom and Dad always insisted it was time to come home and sleep in my proper bed.”

She played with a curl as she spoke, seeming not very much older than the child she would have been all those years ago. She took a deep breath, and his gaze was riveted by the sight of one open button too many, the curve of her breast visible under the light fabric of her blouse. He was suddenly very aware she was no child, and his body tightened with desire.

He put his wine glass away and took hers from her fingers. She stared at him, puzzled, until he reached for her and pulled her into his arms. He cradled her, nestling her body into his and adjusting until they were half-reclining, half-leaning on each other. Her head rested against his chest, the warmth of her body sizzling into him but he kept his touch gentle. The swing swayed and she sighed, a long, low sound of pleasure. Her body relaxed against his and he stroked her arm slowly until her breathing settled as well.

Small noises in the air created a lullaby. The wind stirred the trees, leaves rustling, branches rubbing on each other. The sound of cars and the city faded to nothing, and the quiet of the country surrounded them. They lay quietly and Ryan realized it was a long time since he’d known peace like this.

Maxine stirred in his arms, rolling to face him. Her eyes were bright and she snuggled closer, her torso melting into his as she wrapped her arms around his neck and drew their mouths together.

The kiss started gentle yet the desire was there underneath. Tongues caressed, lips and teeth feasting on skin soon heated to boiling. Ryan loved how she tasted, loved how she felt under his hands that had taken a life of their own and now explored the full curves of her body. He stroked the swell of her breasts and she moaned, pressing into his touch. He didn’t stop, continuing the journey down her waist, over her hip, circling the flesh of her ass before returning up her body once more. All the while he kissed her, feasting on the flavor and softness of her mouth.

She combed her fingers through his hair and tugged, wiggling upward until his lips met her neck. She dropped her head back, offering him a clear path down the pale skin, the pulse in her throat beating time with the pulse in his body. He rolled her, pleased to find the swing had an extra-wide seat to allow the room they needed. Ryan nibbled and licked his way down her throat, pressing her sweater and blouse to the side to allow him access to her collarbone. He unhooked one button after another, slowly revealing the creamy swells of her breasts above the pale yellow of her bra. She quivered under him, a small whimper escaping her throat that made his blood race. He dropped kisses over her heart, enjoying the scorching heat of her skin under his lips.

Ryan lowered his face to the valley between her breasts and breathed deeply. As much as he wanted to consume her completely, as much as he wanted to continue nibbling the length of her whole body, he needed to proceed carefully. She’d responded enthusiastically to his touch, to his kiss, but from hints she’d let slip during their dinner conversation, and her current full-body blush, he knew she wasn’t very experienced. She needed more than a rush to the bedroom.

Yet he had no intention of letting her get away. He knew how to take his time, make it good for both of them. He rose over her, staring into her passion-darkened eyes. “I want you, Maxine.” He kissed her lips tenderly. Her tongue teased his and the pressure built.

Damn, if he was inside her in ten seconds it wouldn’t be soon enough.


A little aside from Jess:

“Don’t hestitate. Go and Buy The Book now!”

Ask Adam – A New Review 2 Years On

It’s been more than two years since Ask Adam released at Samhain.

So you can imagine my delight when I was sent a link from The Pleasure Chest Blog for a new review for the book.

This is what the reviewer had to say:

“This is the first book I’ve read by Jess Dee and I was not disappointed. The characters are well developed. Adam comes off as being an ass at first because of the emotional issues that he isn’t ready to deal with. Jess Dee does such a wonderful job of expressing his emotions I choked up many times. Lexi is a great character, funny and passionate.

It took me on a very emotional journey. One of humour, sadness and great happiness. Very hot! Can’t wait to read more of her books.”

I think that’s a real cool review. 😀

Thank you Pleasure Chest.

Since it’s been a while since I posted anything about Ask Adam, here’s the cover (I know, HAWT!) and the blurb FYI.

Ask Adam – The Blurb

Can one wild night of passion turn into the romance of a lifetime?

Lexi Tanner’s got a major problem: AJ Riley, the man she’s about to approach for a hefty donation, turns out to be the stranger she shared a night of steamy sex with less than a week past. She’ll do anything to raise money for a children’s charity—anything except sell herself. Now how can she ask AJ for money without it seeming like he’s paying for sexual favors?

If there’s one thing the past has taught Adam “AJ” Riley, it’s that loving someone can only lead to pain. He knows he shouldn’t feel so attracted to Lexi, and he definitely shouldn’t trust a woman who’d sleep with a man one week and approach him for money the next. Yet somehow Lexi breaks through all his barriers. His instincts tell him to run but his heart wants to give Lexi—and love—a second chance. How can he let go of his tragic past and still protect his battered heart?

Warning, this title contains the following: steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot romance.


Going All In – A Recommended Read

Yesterday I received two wonderful emails. Okay, so the emails themselves weren’t wonderful, but the links within were.


Going All In received two awesome reviews.

1) The Blackraven’s Review Spot:

Janis from Blackraven had this to say about Going All In:

“Two thumbs up to Ms. Dee for providing us with a luminous, tantalizing story in which the stakes are high and the characters are willing to lose everything in order to overcome their fears and embrace their inhibitions in hope of finding love and a Happily Ever After.  I would definitely recommend Going All In to my friends.”

Rated 5 Stars and a Recommended Read by The Blackraven!

You can read the full review here.

2) EBook Addict

T from EBook Addict said:

“From the first kiss to the last—and every kiss in between—Going All In will enchant you… I was lost in lust when Hunter and Jay…well…um…. Maybe you should just read the book ;)”


You can read T’s full review here.

Thank you ladies!!!


5 Angels and 2 bestseller lists!

Looks to me like 2010 has gotten off to a great start!

Why do I say this? Well…

One book has received a five Angel review, and another book has hit two bestseller lists. What more could a writer ask for?

(…she says calmly, pretending she’s not fainting from the excitement.)

Check this out…

A Question of Love was given Five Angels by Sandie over at Fallen Angel Reviews:

“It is obvious Ms. Dee writes from the heart and has the ability to live the story with her characters. The sexual tension steams up the pages, you can’t help but want them to work out their problem and find their happy ever after. If you want a story that will take you on the ride of your life A Question of Love is the one for you.”

And then Going All In has hit two bestseller lists:

My Bookstore and More:

Best Sellers:

(What’s real nice about this list is that the first five books were all released on the same day, as part of Samhain’s New Year special.)

And then there’s a first for me. Going All In found a place (however temporary) on the Kindle bestseller list!

Yes, I have immortalized the page forever, and here is a snippet from said page: Sales Rank: #726 in Kindle Store (See Bestsellers in Kindle Store)

Popular in this category: (What’s this?)

#97 in Kindle Store > Kindle Books > Romance


I am one happy camper writer.