Going All In – A Recommended Read

Yesterday I received two wonderful emails. Okay, so the emails themselves weren’t wonderful, but the links within were.


Going All In received two awesome reviews.

1) The Blackraven’s Review Spot:

Janis from Blackraven had this to say about Going All In:

“Two thumbs up to Ms. Dee for providing us with a luminous, tantalizing story in which the stakes are high and the characters are willing to lose everything in order to overcome their fears and embrace their inhibitions in hope of finding love and a Happily Ever After.  I would definitely recommend Going All In to my friends.”

Rated 5 Stars and a Recommended Read by The Blackraven!

You can read the full review here.

2) EBook Addict

T from EBook Addict said:

“From the first kiss to the last—and every kiss in between—Going All In will enchant you… I was lost in lust when Hunter and Jay…well…um…. Maybe you should just read the book ;)”


You can read T’s full review here.

Thank you ladies!!!



4 thoughts on “Going All In – A Recommended Read

    • Snort.
      Talk about the blind leading the blind.
      Um… I think you click on “RSS” in the side bar, click on the top link, “Entries RSS” and then “Subscribe.”
      That (may) get the job done. No promises tho, (she says, shrugging helplessly.)

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