Just another rainy day in Sydney

Ever get the sense you’re living in a cloud?
It’s been raining here for days. Haven’t seen the sun in forever – and it’s the middle of summer.
Everywhere I look there’s water.

This is a photo of the park in front of our house. It’s totally waterlogged.

My poor dog. Usually he gets to run for ages through the field and into the bushes, where he chases every living thing he can find. (And buh-lieve me, there is a lot living on those bushes.) Now he has to make do with a ten to twenty walk between rainstorms. He’s going nuts. And so am I!



2 thoughts on “Just another rainy day in Sydney

  1. THANK GOD the kids are at school 🙂 We’re the same over my way, AND no let up until tomorrow. Oh well. At least everything is growing in the garden.

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