Jess Dee and IH Merchandise

How cool is this?

International Heat now has a Cafe Press store.

If you’re interested, you can buy merchandise with International Heat logos on it.

More than that, you can buy merchandise (I’m talking hats, clothing, cups and mugs, note pads etc) with Jess Dee logos.

They even have a pair of thongs/g-strings with my name on it. ROFL

LOL. I can’t believe there is anything for sale with my name on it other than books!

I like the gym bag:

And even more than that, you can get gear with logos from the other authors at International Heat:

Lexxie Couper

Mari Carr

Rhian Cahill

JR Patrick

Jambrea Jones

Viv Arend (coming soon)

Jayne Rylon (coming soon)

Lila Dubois (coming soon)

Even if you don’t buy anything it’s worth having a look, just to see what’s available.

Click on this International Heat Cafe Press link to view everything.

Happy shopping



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