Coming Soon: Risking It All

So, the good news is, I have a new release coming soon.


My novellas, Going All In and A Question of Love, currently available as e-books, are going to be released together as a Print Anthology called Risking It All.

The book releases through Samhain on the 4th of Jan, 2011. (Okay, so it’s not coming too soon, but still, it’s coming.) And I am stoked. Can’t wait to see the cover.

Risking It All: The Blurb

When it comes to love, it’s a safe bet you’ll lose your heart.

A Question of Love:

Four years ago Gabe Carter left Tina Jenkins as a matter of honor, destroying the passionate threesome they’d both enjoyed with Gabe’s best friend, Connor. Now Gabe’s back, armed with promises of love and forever. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Tina wants the whole package—which includes Connor—and Gabe wants her all to himself. It’s up to Gabe to prove that he is the only man Tina will ever need.

Going All In:

Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are not the only thing she’s betting on. She’s also gambling on the love of two men. Hunter Miles and Jay Baxter are happy to double up and share both Julia’s affection and her body, but their attraction to each other may threaten the budding relationship between all three of them. Now it’s decision time: all or nothing?

Are you ready for a combination game this hot? Double up for a taste of the edgy world of Jess Dee.



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