Global Warning Blog Tour

To celebrate the first anniversary of International Heat, we’ve set up a Global Warming blog tour and invited some friends to join the party. And what sort of party would it be if we didn’t have prizes? During the week of March 13-17, we invite you to visit our blogs as we will each post a special red-hot excerpt, cover or review for you. Simply leave a comment at each blog you visit. Visit them all and your name will be thrown in the hat for a special drawing. Four winners will be chosen and they will be announced here on March 18. It’s that simple.

What are the prizes?

Prize one:

Waiting for Wednesday ebook by Mari Carr, Autographed print copy of Dream Machine by Jayne Rylon, Only Yours ebook by J.R. Patrick, Choice of backlist ebook by Rhian Cahill or ARC of Coyote Home

Prize two:

Choice of ebook backlist by Jambrea Jo Jones, Death, The Vamp and his Brother tote bag, plus winner’s choice of Lexxie Couper ebook, Choice of backlist title by Dawn Montgomery, Autographed copy of backlist print title by Nicole Austin

Prize three:

Bath and Body gift bag courtesy of T, Choice of backlist title and a package of TimTams from Jess Dee, Rodeo Heat by Desiree Holt

Prize four:

Choice of backlist title from Amanda Young, $10 gift card to Amazon courtesy of Valerie Tibbs , Choice of backlist ebook from Vivian Arend

Blog tour (you don’t need to go in order, but you do need to comment at all of them to be eligible for a prize.)

Mari Carr

Desiree Holt

Viv Arend

Pearl’s World of Romance

Jambrea Jo Jones

Z.A. Maxfield

J.R. Patrick

Carol Lynne

Jayne Rylon

Lexxie Couper

Dawn Montgomery

Valerie Tibbs

Larissa Ione

eBook addict

Amanda Young

Rhian Cahill

Nicole Austin

Jess Dee

Selena Illyria

Lila Dubois

My Red Hot Excerpt and Cover

Ask Adam – An Excerpt

The car had stopped. At some point, he must have pulled over to the side of the road. His eyes flamed. The ice in them had melted away.

“Lexi,” his voice sounded like gravel. “I have never fucked someone on the side of the road before. But I swear to you, if you say one more word, I will haul you out of this car, throw you over the hood and live out every word of that fantasy, right here, right now.” He swore. “Got it?”

She practically purred in her seat. “I’m so wet, Adam. That little scenario’s got me all worked up.” She undid another two buttons and slipped her hand into her blouse.

A muscle ticked in his cheek. “This road is deserted. No one uses it apart from me.” He dragged his breath in. “Believe me, Lexi, I do not make idle threats.”

Good. Her stomach lurched as she stroked an aroused nipple. “Damn, I’m glad I didn’t wear a bra.”

“Open your shirt.” It was an order, not a request. “All the way.”

With her free hand, she did as he said until the blouse hung open, revealing her braless breasts. “My nipples have been rubbing against the inside of the shirt,” she told him. “The soft caress of cotton is torture when all I want is the firm touch of your hand, the wet probing of your lips.” She tweaked her nipple and moaned, then touched her other breast.

He watched her, swallowed hard. “Your belt. Take it off.”

Leaving her hand on her breast, she unbuckled her belt, freeing it from her jeans. There was not another man in the world she’d do this for. Not out in the open, exposed for anyone to see.

“Now the button,” he rasped.

She raked her nipple, moaned again and undid the button. Only Adam. He was the only man she trusted enough. He nodded and motioned her to continue. She slid the zip down, aware of the irony of her trust. How could she know she was safe in his hands, when he’d shared almost nothing of himself with her?

“Are you going to do it, Adam? Are you going to fuck me here, on the side of the road?” Traffic from the main road was muted by distance. All around, nature called. Kookaburras laughed from hidden branches, a magpie cawed to its mate, and the wind rustled through the leaves of the surrounding trees. She could hardly keep still. Anticipation hummed through her veins. Would he do it? Would she let him do it?

“Take them off.” His eyes trained on her waist, on the hand that rested on her bare stomach.

She kicked off her shoes, lifted her butt and pushed her pants over her hips. “The thought is making me even hotter. I want you to, Adam.” Oh, she’d let him all right – and hopefully, in return he’d put a little trust in her too. “I want you to bend me over the car and take me.” She shimmied out of her jeans, leaving them in a pile at her feet. Shifting her legs a little, she ran her finger between them, tracing a line from her lips to her clit and back again. “Wet,” she muttered thickly.

“Get out of the car.” He sounded tortured.

She complied, opening her door and climbing out. Her body rejoiced in the freedom of space and she stretched languorously.

“Should I leave my panties on?” she asked, looking at him over her shoulder. By his expression, she assumed he was in no state to answer. A smile of sheer, feminine satisfaction tugged at her lips. Casually, she bent over and removed them, dropping them on the seat before taking a step so she stood at the side of the trunk.

She rested her bottom on it. The metallic paint warmed her buttocks, and the breeze cooled her bare flesh. “You coming to join me?” she asked without turning around. The sound of the door creaking was answer enough.

Expectation crackled between them. Blood pumped through her veins and need flared in her belly. She touched first one breast then the other, let her head drop back and her eyes close. Ran her hand down until it skimmed over the neatly trimmed thatch on her mound and made its way lower. She touched herself and groaned. Her lips were slick, moisture coating them, and she dipped inside and groaned again.

Footsteps crunched against the leaves on the ground beside the car, and then silence. He stood before her.

“In your office that day, I was so hot. You got me all worked up and I was so ready. I wanted you to take me, to fuck me like you’d said you would.” She shook her head, remembered the frustration that had rippled through her at the time. Remembered the anger in his voice. “You didn’t…you never… All you did was apologize.” She opened her eyes, looked at him. His shirt was unbuttoned and hung loose. His heavy, hooded gaze focused on her hand. “I didn’t just want your apology, Adam. I wanted your touch, too.” She wanted more than that now. She wanted everything he had to give her.

She slipped her finger out, and then pushed it back in again. “Aaah.” It took a few seconds before she could talk. “I still want your touch. But I… I can’t wait.”

“Give me your hand, Lexi.” She heard the effort it took for him to speak.

She reached for him with her free hand.

“Not that one.”

Reluctantly, she withdrew and held it out to him. He closed his hand around hers, lifted it to his mouth and then licked her with his exquisitely warm tongue. Slowly, gently, he licked. First the nail and then the tip, and then he drew the whole finger into his mouth and suckled.

She cried out and he released her, guided her hand back between her legs.

“Touch yourself, sweetheart. I want…” He swallowed. “I want to watch you come.”

Oh. Sweet Lord. She wouldn’t make a minute. How could she touch herself while he watched and manage to stretch out the pleasure? Impossible. She dipped her hand between her lower lips, watched his mouth open and close, and pulled back out.

Sensation fizzed inside. Her lips were swollen, her groin sensitized. The look in his eyes as he watched her was possibly the most arousing thing she’d ever witnessed. Moisture dripped onto her hand and she used it to massage her clit.

“Adam. I’m…I’m so…horny.” Her voice caught as she struggled to speak. “Look what you do to me. Your eyes…watching me.” It was impossible to form whole sentences. “Makes me…heady, hot.” She fucked herself again, did it several times in a row. “I’m thinking of your cock.” Oh, she wanted it now. Wanted it deep, deep inside. She massaged her clit again. “I want it.” She licked her lips and massaged a little harder, aware of the sensation building up, the throbbing between her legs, the breathlessness. Aware of his eyes on her.

“Watch me, Adam,” she gasped. “Watch me, I’m going to come.” Liquid gushed as the sensation peaked. Pressure crowned and waves rippled over her. “Adam, oh God, look what you made me do.” She rubbed frantically as the orgasm rolled through her, the tremors carrying on longer than she’d expected. It was Adam. Watching her. The gratification it evoked was almost as heady as the rush of her climax.

“Christ, Lexi.” The words sounded as if they’d been torn from his throat.

Before the waves had time to settle, he put his hands on her hips. He pulled her off the car, flipped her round and pushed her shoulders down – just like their fantasy. Her breasts squashed against the trunk, her ass poked into the air. Her nether lips still pulsed from her orgasm, gleaming up at him.

The heat from the car warmed her nipples, soothed her breasts. She heard the rip of foil, felt his pants as they swished down his legs, and there he was, pushing into her, filling her. She’d craved this, worked hard for it. This and so much more. He readily surrendered his body to her – would he surrender his emotions as well? What about his past?

She gasped as he entered her, desire exploding within like giant fireworks. There was no time to adapt to his presence, to shift to accommodate him. He slammed into her hard and fast, repeatedly, his balls slapping against her.

“Oh, God, Adam,” she yelled. Rational thought became impossible. She wanted to connect with him on a deeper level – sex honestly wasn’t the only thing she desired from him. But at this point in time, it was the only thing she could focus on, the only thing she needed.

Before, her orgasm had been gentle, rippling through her in soft tremors. This one blindsided her. It came on swift and powerful and sent her into violent spasms of pleasure. She screamed as the euphoria engulfed her, as waves crashed around her, deafening her to everything but the sound of Adam’s moans. She screamed again as her inner walls clenched around him, nerve-endings igniting in a fire of pleasure, demanding his release. He gave it to her, his orgasm as wild and uninhibited as hers.


Ask Adam is available now from My Bookstore and More.

Don’t forget to leave your comment if you want a chance to win one of the prizes.

Good luck,



34 thoughts on “Global Warning Blog Tour

  1. Oh my, a very warm tour of the Australian bush…..or at least a country road.

    Thank you for the warming excerpt.

  2. Okay, so there was a bit of an afternoon thrill! I’m anxious to see where the story goes from here.

    Thanks for the excerpt.

  3. That cover definitely gives you an idea of how hot things are going to get. And then that excerpt….boy, that was super hot!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  4. Have to go dig this one out again and reread. Having fun with this tour so many new books and old favorites.

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