Meet the Heat


It’s time to Meet the Heat.

Sound like gibberish?

Really, it’s not. You might know that I’m part of a fantabulous group blog called International Heat. You might also know we have a lovely Yahoo group known as HeatWave.

And now, in case you’ve forgotten us, we’re running a ten week long program where you get to meet all the IH members – authors, editors, cover artists, reviewers .

So stick around for some wonderful blogs. Each week everyone at IH will feature one IH member. That same member will run the IH blog and HeatWave group. (Check out International Heat for all the links you need), There’ll be titillating info about the member, sexy pics (No, not about the member, just of sexy men), smoking hot excerpts, prizes (Oh, yeah, how could there not be prizes) and an awesome surprise we’re getting ready to reveal. (No, don’t ask me now. I’m not ready to tell you yet.)

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s meet the heat.



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