Raising The Stakes – Coming Soon from Samhain

Oh, my God. How could I not have blogged about this already? Such exciting news, and I forgot to mention it.


Samhain has contracted another book of mine! 😀

Raising The Stakes is a M/F/M novella, and…it’s the sequel to Going All In.

I don’t have a formal blurb yet, but here’s the informal one:

Raising The Stakes:

It’s taken Desmond Reed four years to finally see what’s been right in front of him all this time: his best friend, Megan Loxley. But he’s waited too long. Megan has fallen in love with his poker buddy, Alex Truman.

Des wants to intervene. He wants to grab hold of Meggy and haul her as far away from Alex as he can get her. Only Alex isn’t letting Megan go for all the chips on the table.

The stakes are huge. Des can play his hand and reveal his cards, but he runs the risk of losing his best friend forever—or of winning the biggest jackpot of his life.

Who would have imagined Megan could raise the stakes even higher?

Now Des has a choice. Stick around and play by Megan’s rules, or forfeit his hand—the woman he loves—to another man?

Warning: This book contains a few moves never before seen in a game of poker, m/f and m/f/m loving hot enough to steam up your computer screen, and a couple of heroes you’d just love to stake for yourself.


Raising The Stakes releases in December, and I cannot wait!



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