Meet the Heat: T/EBookAddict

Yep, EBookAddict is a real person. You might know here as Theresa, or just plain T. Or you might know her as the owner of a wonderful review site called, surprisingly, Reviews at EbookAddict.

When I first met T, she was only just starting up with reviewing. Now she’s got this amazing website, and several reviewers working with her, and she’s being sent books for review from almost every major e-publisher in the romance world.

I’m very happy to tell you I’ve interviewed T, and you can get to know her just a little better by reading her answers to my questions below.



Hey T. Welcome to my blog!

Gee I’ve never been interviewed before this may go to my head 😉 lol

1) How did you discover the wonderful world of ebooks?

Reading Suzanne Brockmann’s Troubleshooter’s series I fell in love with her characters Jules and Robin and I wanted to read more m/m so I went in search of more authors and sadly for the most part ebooks are the only place to find m/m romance, in my searchI found Ellora’s Cave and ebooks and the rest as they say is history

2) What made you decide to start reviewing ebooks?

Actually it is probably a very egotistical reason. I wanted to be able to tell people my opinion of books… yep I had opinions and I just knew the world wanted to know what those were 😉 *insert maniacal laugh here*

3) I know you have a personal preference when it comes to genres. Do tell…

Male/male romance! I love it. I am hooked. I think I always will be. I had hit a point in romance where everything was the same one way or another, and I was getting bored. Then I found m/m romance and even though the basics of the stories were the same it was something different, and well I’m not going to lie the hotness has a lot to do with it.

4) Tell us about

I’m a control freak, and I probably don’t take constructive criticism as well as I should, so going to work for one of the established reviews sites just didn’t work for me, I had to be able to do things my way… So ebookaddict was born I could review the books I wanted and share my thoughts on them, and pimp…I mean promote the authors I wanted to. I had my favorites and I wanted to help in some small way.  It really started out as something more like a hobby and then some of the authors I would review started asking if I wanted whatever their newest release was at the time.  And that in my opinion was the highest compliment they could have given me. Then I met you ladies (IH) and you all supported and encouraged me and I caved and sent my first batch of e-mails out to publishers requesting to be one of their review sites. Loose Id were the first to give my small review site a chance to grow and for that they will always have a special place in my overly mushy heart. 😉

After that more authors started sending requests and some smaller publishers sent review requests and I actually had to look for another reviewer to help me out. That was serious WOW moment for me. I could not believe I had grown that much. In the last month I’ve actually had to bring on even more reviewers to help with the review requests and I transitioned over to website. I’m still wondering why I did this, but I just woke up one morning and decided it was time and thanks to the help of Author Design Services we got it done and went live in under a week. Yes I really work that way once I’ve made up my mind to something. I just do it. God help the rest of the world when I’m on mission. I could seriously go on and on I love talking about Ebook Addict Reviews. It is my baby, but I’ll spare you all the baby picture J LOL

5) How would an author get you to review his/her book?

If they send an e-mail to me at with the name of the book they’d like reviewed, along with the blurb, we will do our best to match their book with one of our reviewers. Once we have a reviewer for the book I will send them an e-mail requesting the book.

6) Who would you choose to have a menage with? (Yes, you have to answer. Both Anne and Lexxie did. )

Hmmm… First let me say I love you Mikey (that is my husband) But I want to have a ménage with Joe Morelli and Ranger. *sigh* Yep, you guessed it folks I am a Stephanie Plum junkie. Joe and Ranger are my heroes!

Hey you’re the one who said this was imaginary J LOL

7) Who are the last two people on earth you’d choose to have a threesome with?

Hmm I’m not really sure I know… I mean if I wouldn’t have a threesome with them should I really know who they’d be J LMAO Actually I could think of two people but I’m SO SO SO not going there so um… on to the next question….

(Not from Jess: I find it unacceptable that T did not answer this. Doesn’t she know we really wanna know?)

8) The best review you’ve ever written. Wanna share it?

I’m not sure I know what my best one is, or I’m the one to ask, but two books come to mind. Maybe not as my best reviews, but as two of my favorite reads. You can read each review by clicking on them. Texas Surrender by Claire Thompson and More by Sloan Parker. These two reads make an impression that sticks with you. I’d like to think my reviews did them justice, but I guess that is a decision the reader would have to make.

9) Are you running a contest this week?

Yes actually I have a few contests this week!

Amanda Young is giving away a copy of her new release Reckless Heart on Monday,

D.W. Marchwell is giving away a copy of Good To Know,

Claire Thompson is offering a copy of Safe In His Arms, when it has been released.

I’m giving away a small gift bag from Bath & Body Works and some miscellaneous promotional items.

Check out my website or leave a comment at International Heat to go into the draw to win one of these wonderful prizes.


Thank you, T!



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