Meet the Heat: Jayne Rylon

Ah, Jayne! What can I say about her? She is a brilliant, brilliant author, writes scorching hot, emotionally charged love stories, has mastered the art of m/m, m/m/f  and /m/f/m scenes, and is charting new territories with her m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/f books.

Jayne’s releases head straight for no 1 on the bestseller lists, and tend to stay on those lists for a very long time.

Of all her books, and she’s written some crackers (I love, love, love Night is Darkest), Jayne’s first release is still my favorite. Picture Perfect is available now at Ellora’s Cave, and you can find out more about it by scrolling down to the end of this post.

I’ve taken this opportunity to interview the lovely Jayne. (And yes, she really is lovely, even if her answers reveal her to be a tiny bit twisted…)

So, please welcome…


1) Jayne Rylon: Pen name or real name?

Pen name.

2) Where did you come up with the name?

I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you.  🙂  It’s a combination of my grandmother’s street name and my real name.

(Note from Jess. Yeah, I warned you. Twisted. But wait, you ain’t seen nothing yet.)

3) You’ve come a long way since we did the Menage and More anthology together. Tell us about your writing and your books since then.

It’s in no small part to you and Lorelei that I am where I am today.  The menage and more antho was a big part of getting my name out there.  I’d only had one other release before that time so no one knew who I was (not that I’m a household name today or anything, lol!).  I really appreciate the opportunity I was given to participate in the project with two outstanding authors who inspired me to keep going.

So… since that time, there’s been a lot going on.  I’m working on the Powertools series which is a collection of extended menage short stories, the first of which was Kate’s Crew.  Book two, Morgan’s Surprise will be out from Samhain in January with two more to follow.  In addition, I’ve been writing the Men in Blue series of novels which run the gamut from m/m/f to straight m/f to BDSM.  Plus, the fabulous Mari Carr and I have a four book co-authored series in the works for next year.  I’ve also been involved in the Cougar Challenge series at Ellora’s Cave with Driven and the sequel to that book which both rely heavily on international travel settings.  Plus, my first Exotika release at EC is coming soon!  And… well, like I said, there’s a lot going on. For those who aren’t asleep by now they can check out the books page on my site for more deets.

(Note from Jess: Yeah, it’s all thanx to Lorelei and myself that Jayne is a brilliant author. Her skill had nothing to do with her success.)

(4) m/f ,m/f/m. m/m/f, or m/m/m/m/m/m/m/mm/f. Which do you enjoy writing the most?

Clearly it’s got to be the mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm variety.  I mean, it’s even a sound that sounds good.  Plus, the covers are yummy.  What can I say?

5) Which character in your book most closely resembles you?

I don’t think any of my characters are like me.  There are tiny little slivers of things that come from my experience (no, not the good parts) like the places in my books–I’ve never written about a location I haven’t been to–or Alexa’s car in Nice and Naughty.  I do actually drive a silver convertible.  But, I like to think all of my heroines are extraordinary people and I’m just me.  Nothing heroic to look at here.

6) Who is your favorite hero?

Of all my heroes, I think I like Razor the most right now.  (That’s Razor from Razor’s Edge). He’s young, makes mistakes, has a crapload of stuff dumped on him and keeps charging through.  I can’t wait for his book to release (in November!).  I have a feeling Jeremy Radison might pass him up when I get to the next book in the series, though.  It’s one of the greatest things about writing connected books.  You really live with these characters for a long time.  I’ll be sad when I’ve told all the Men in Blue stories.

7) Who would you choose to have a menage with? It can be anyone, and it doesn’t have to be limited to three of you. 😉 (And yes, you have to answer.)

I have to answer?  We’re going to have to talk about your “friendly” interviews, Jess.  Uhhhh… Ranger and Joe Morelli.  Enough said.

8) Let’s throw you into the “Indecent Proposal” scenario. You and your hubby are struggling. Money’s tight. Reaaalllllly tight. And then out of the blue a handsome stranger offers you a million dollars to sleep with him. Would you do it? (Remember, honesty please.)

I’d go ahead and let the guy sleep with my husband as long as I could watch.  Oh, what, that’s not what you meant?  And husband, if you see this… I’m just kidding.  Really.

(Note from Jess: What did I tell you about the twisted thing???)


Picture Perfect

The Blurb:

Conn Hennessey would give his father’s properties to ravish the woman he watches every night as an unwilling voyeur. Dana is uninhibited, passionate and gorgeous, but he would never settle for spying on her if he had the chance to ease the loneliness she confesses to him often.

Trapped in a cursed painting nine hundred years ago, a millennium of experience convinces Conn that Dana is his soul mate. Observing her without being able to caress her, to bring all her sensual desires to reality, is an unending torment—until All Hallow’s Eve magic gives him a shot at freeing them both.

During one wild night, he fulfills Dana’s fantasies. Come morning, can he convince her of what he knows to be true? He’s not an imposter pretending to be the man of her dreams. They were destined to be together and he has twenty-four passion-filled hours to break the spell or be condemned to his prison, alone, for all of eternity.

The clock is ticking.

An Excerpt:

The fiery nymph on display in her luxurious bed made up for at least twenty of the boring years Conn Hennessey had spent in a dusty attic, covered with a canvas tarp. Her beauty staggered him. Her long legs, spread apart directly in front of him, granted him clear access to admire her freshly waxed mound.

Sweet gods! The need to take her, to consume her, tormented him. Doomed to observe, his eyelids refused to close as manners required. Forced to watch, Conn couldn’t even relieve his own arousal as his body demanded. Nine hundred years of torture had taught him any attempt to move was futile. No matter how badly he longed to wrap his hand around his throbbing cock, his arm might as well have been made of steel. It would not budge. The roar of impotent rage bubbling within him would never break through his mouth, forever sealed in that nasty grimace of shock and outrage.

Dana stared straight into his eyes as she inched the shiny material of her garment up her supple belly, innocently setting him ablaze. Her innate sensuality distracted him, pulling him from his fit of anger. Resigned to his fate, Conn admitted the situation could be worse. Her earlier phone conversation had been muffled by the partially closed door. The dread building inside his heart as he listened to Dana’s extended grooming ritual subsided now that he realized she hadn’t been arranging a tryst with a lover.

Though she’d never brought a man home for sex in her bed, she indulged in occasional affairs. Conn lived vicariously through the steamy stories she related to him about her limited sexual experiences, always devising ways he could have improved her pleasure. He stored memories for the long and lonely times when nothing happened, when his owner deserted the house, leaving him with nothing to occupy his mind. During those stretches of unbearable quiet, he fantasized about what he would do to her if only he could.




6 thoughts on “Meet the Heat: Jayne Rylon

  1. While Jayne might not be a household name yet, I have no doubt it will be any second now. As it happens, she’s already well known in certain types of…um…*clubs* in the Midwest and various parts of the Netherlands.

    I fully intend to get rich writing her unauthorized biography some day.

    Great interview! 🙂


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  3. LOL My biography would be the smallest book on earth. But thanks for the support. hugs!

    And I can neither confirm nor deny the rest. 😉

  4. Okay, Kelli, sweeping statements like “she’s already known in certain types of…um…*clubs*” are not cool.

    And yeah. I totally agree with you about Jayne becoming a household name veeeery soon.

  5. Oh, I think certain events could take up several chapters in and of themselves. Lol!

    And Jess, so sorry…nary a word shall pass these lips. A good editor knows how to keep secrets. 😉

  6. I think a good editor would spill the beans and get the author as much attention/publicity as possible.

    C’mon, Kel, girlfriend. You can tell me. It’d be for Jayne’s sake…

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