Meet The Heat: Jambrea Jo Jones

Yep another week of Meet the Heat, another week of fab prizes up for grabs.

And this week, we’re getting to know JJJ – or Jambrea Jo Jones – just a little better.

I’ve taken the chance to interview her. Oh, and I’ve included an excerpt from her beautiful short story, Heart Song.

So please, read on… (Oh, and psst. She has funny taste in food. But don’t tell her I told you.)

BTW, JJJ has a few cool prizes on offer. If you wanna know more, read this blog, then head on over to International Heat.

So, welcome…JAMBREA:

1) When I met you, you were reviewing for Joyfully Reviewed. Did you enjoy that?

I loved reviewing. I was supposed to give it up for my writing, but that Joyous just keeps pulling me back in!

2) Now your books are the ones being reviewed. How does that feel?

I love that too. lol I like to see what people are saying and if they find something they don’t like, I try to make it better in my next book. 🙂

3) How many books do you have now?

Good think I have a reference guide for this. heehee There are ten.
Forever Guy in the One Touch One Glance Anthology From Freya’s Bower
Runaway Man from Freya’s Bower
Unseen Path from eXtasy
Unwinding Path from eXtasy
Heart Song from eXtasy
Semper Fi: Magnus from Liquid Silver
The Seeds of Dawn: Dreams in the Over the Moon Anthology from Total e-Bound
Stealing Michael in the Stealing my Heart Anthology from Total e-Bound
Retribution from Total E-Bound
Appealing Proposal from Ellora’s Cave

You can find more info about JJJ’s books on her website:

4) How many coming soons do you have?

I have two, right now, that are coming soon.
Love by Design from Total e-Bound
Steamy Reunion form Ellora’s Cave

5) Which is your favorite out of all your books and why?

This one is hard. I really like all of my books. I’ll pick two. One is m/f and one is m/m. My m/f favorite is Magnus because it is military and romantic suspense. Two things I love. Magnus is hot and Emily is tough and rocks. The m/m that is my favorite it Retribution. It’s sci-fi, another one of my loves. The two men have to go through a lot to fine their love.

6) Which heroine/hero do you think most closely resembles you?

Goodness. I think they each have a piece of me I don’t think I could pick one who is the most like me. I think I would most want to be like Emily. She has a dream job and get to get down and dirty with the marines.

7) What would you rather eat: onion and olive flavored ice cream or fried grasshoppers?

Um…gross! lol I’ll go with fried grasshoppers. I think I could crunch through those pretty quick and I’ve heard they are a delicacy.

8) Who would you choose to have a menage with? (Yes, you have to say!)

My characters? Rock and Zander um…they haven’t been written yet so I guess I’ll say Kain and Rave. You meet Rock in their story. I picked Rock and Zander because they are both bi and I like my boys to touch. Kain and Rave are gay…they might not like me joining in. heehee

9) Who would you least like to have a menage with?  (and yes, you have to answer.)

Ahhh….Jabba the Hut and one of his minions? heehee

Heart Song

© Copyright Jambrea Jo Jones
All Rights Reserved, eXtasy Books

Rafe lost his love, but did he really have it to begin with? He finds out more than he bargained for after the death of his ex-lover. Will he ever find the love he is looking for?


The man’s voice sounded rough with tears. My heart ached for him. I may have lost an ex-lover, but he’d lost his father. I swung back around to face Charlie’s son. I didn’t say anything. I couldn’t. I looked at his face, so different from Charlie’s. Stewart had moss green eyes and dark brown hair caressed his brow. He had laugh lines and a tiny spattering of freckles along his nose. A far cry from Charlie’s stoic blond good looks, brown eyes and a face that didn’t look lived in. Something I remembered about Charlie. He didn’t smile often. I wondered if he was ever happy.
I felt my cock harden as I took in the beauty of his son. I needed to get away from the delicious looking man. I couldn’t do this to him. Not here, not today. I hoped my erection wasn’t noticeable.
“You’re Rafe. Rafe Wilson, right?”
I was stunned he knew my name. How did he know me when I had no idea he even existed. “Ah…yes, that’s me.”
“My father told me about you.” He spoke so softly I almost didn’t hear him.
“He did?” I sounded surprised, even I could hear it in my voice.
“Yes. About a week before he died, he called me and told me there was someone I needed to meet, someone who might need me to take care of him. I didn’t know what to make of it, to tell you the truth. Now that I look back, he must have known he wouldn’t be around much longer.”
“What? I don’t think I understand.”
“He loved you, you know. Dad told me he couldn’t love you the way you deserved. He wanted me to know you didn’t care about his money, but you loved him with every fiber of your being. That was important to him. Dad also told me you’d finally left him for good. Then he told me I had to meet you.”
“I’m sorry. I can’t–I–” I ran away. Staying and listening to a stranger tell me Charlie’s feelings was too much. And what the fuck was he thinking, telling his son to come find me. Matchmaking from the grave? I didn’t recognize my voice as a hysterical laugh slipped from my throat. I had to leave, now. I couldn’t stay in this house any longer, too many memories nipping at my heels and I couldn’t let them pull me under.


(Note from Jess:  I love this cover so much, I thought I’d just make sure everyone got a look see.)

Thanx JJJ, for the interview,



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