This Week’s 5 Heart Sweetheart at TRS

Yep. I’m beaming from ear to ear.

Just heard from the lovely Selena Illyria that Going All In is This week’s 5 Heart Sweetheart over at The Romance Studio.


Thank you to all of you who voted, and thank you to Shalanda from the TRS for giving the book such a lovely review:

“Going All In was a quick and enjoyable story. I was cautious about the story as it was very short but I applaud Ms. Dee on an impressively well written and fully developed story despite the brevity. The characters were realistic, flawed and very inventive. The sex was intense and graphic. The reader should be aware that there are scenes of ménage in which the male characters do not interact sexually and others where they do. There are issues that the characters have to overcome which were very unique and interesting. I enjoyed that Ms. Dees included a plot twist which allowed the characters to change and adapt in that suppressed amount of time. Nonetheless, the story is quickly paced with an excellent story line and well developed characters. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this story and will have to try out another of Ms. Dee’s novels.” – Shalanda

Order it today!



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