Three Of A Kind: Full House


I’m stunned. On Tuesday I finally completed Full House – the third and final novella in the Three of A Kind Series – and submitted it to my editor, Jennifer Miller.

(Yep, lots of rewrites on that one. With thanx to Viv Arend, Fedora Chen and Valerie Tibbs for their invaluable help in slamming the book into shape.)

Today, a mere three days later, not only did I hear back from Jennifer about the novella, but she sent through the first round of edits.

OMG! I think that has got to be the fastest turn around time – ever.

So this weekend, instead of luxuriating in the relaxation of school holidays and a long weekend, it’s time to tuck into to edits.

Am I upset?


I’d been just a little terrified Jennifer wouldn’t love the book. Having the first round of edits is a wonder indeed.

So want to know what the book’s all about? Well, I’m only to happy to share the very rough draft of the blurb with you. (Just so long as you realize this is gonna change.) Oh, and be sure to check out the warning. I think it sums up the book even better than the blurb.


Full House: The Blurb

A full house beats a pair any day.

It’s been six weeks since Trev Greenfield’s casual lover, Max Ashberg left on his business trip. In that time Trev’s realized two things: he’s crazy, head-over-heels in love with Max, and he’s falling, head-first, for his new housemate, Grace Miles.

Max never expected to miss Trev quite as much as he does. Nor did he expect to develop such strong feelings for the other man. Now all he needs to do is convince Trev they’d make a top pair. Max knows Trev’s looking for a housemate, and he’s about to suggest a perfect candidate: himself. But his plans are shattered when he discovers a woman—with the face of an angel—living in the room he’d tagged as his own.

Grace never meant to fall for her new housemate, but the chemistry between them is too powerful to ignore. And when the chemistry turns to live electricity in the midst of a power failure, there’s no denying the spark that flares between the two of them. There’s also no denying the shock when Grace comes face to face with a strange—and naked—man in her new home.

It’s up to Trev to convince Grace and Max that if they’re open to the most unlikely possibilities, the three of them could be very happy together.

Warning: There’s a lot of sex in this book. I mean a lot! Hot sex. Sweaty sex. Gay sex. Straight sex. Ménage sex (M/M/F and M/F/M).  Oh, and romantic sex. Lots of romantic sex. Hot romantic sex. Sweaty romantic sex. Gay romantic sex… You getting the picture?

Full House releases on the 12th of April next year, at Samhain.

Going All In, Book 1 in the series is already available. And Raising The Stakes, Book 2, releases on the 7th of December.



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