It’s my birthday

And to celebrate I’m giving away an ARC of my upcoming release, Raising The Stakes.

It’s a red hot, contemporary erotic, M/F/M romance, and it’s the sequel to Going All In.

Winning is easy. Just head on over to one of two other blogs of mine, read the post there (they’re identical, you can choose either one), and leave a comment.

International Heat


Down Under Divas

I’ll choose one lucky reader.

Good luck.



With thanx for all your comments and wishes. The contest is closed, and the winner is MAGGIE!)


9 thoughts on “It’s my birthday

  1. Happy birthday, Jess!! I’ve seen 29 come and go a few times now, and I figure I’ll see it come and go a few more times before all this is over 😀

    • Ooh, Fedora. Great idea.
      I think I’m gonna see 35 come and go a few times from now on.
      (No one would believe the 29 bit.)
      (Ok, so no one will believe the 35 bit either, but it’s worth a try.)

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