Double Cover Goodness

This week has been brilliant.

I received approval for not one, but two new covers. And they are both STUNNING!


See for yourself:

1) Raising The Stakes.

This book is the sequel to Going All In, and the second book in the Three of A Kind Series.

Raising The Stakes releases on the 7th of December.

(Cover designed by Scott Carpenter)


The second cover is for Winter Fire.

This is one of the novellas in the Red Hot Winter Anthology, which also features novellas by Lexxie Couper and Delilah Devlin.

The anthology releases on the 4th of Jan, 2011.

(Cover designed by Kanaxa.)

Thank you and big hugs to both Scott and Kanaxa for this exquisite and beautiful set of covers.



9 thoughts on “Double Cover Goodness

  1. Dang Jess, somebody hit the cover lotto or the cover gods just love you lmao! I will HAVE to own these in paperback to enjoy the yummy goodness on these covers. You go girl!

    • Ah Mai, I could kiss the cover gods right now. 🙂

      Know what the cool thing is?
      When they come out in print, they’ll have all new, beautiful shiny covers, because each of them is coming out as part of an anthology.

      So, for me, with these books, it’s like quadruple cover goodness.

  2. Oh man they are beautiful. OH WOW. Okay if people haven’t already fell in love with your work the covers are enough to bring them in for sure. Congrats!


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