Double whammy of review goodness

Today was one of those wonderful days.

I didn’t just get one review… I got two! And they were both awesome reviews.

The first one was even more exciting because the book reviewed hasn’t been released yet. I’ve never gotten a preview review before.


So wanna know what was said? Read on.

Review 1: Raising The Stakes

Reviewed at BlackRaven Reviews

Blackraven read the second book in the Three of a Kind series, and had this to say about it:

Raising the Stakes is a captivating, scintillating story that will take you on an intense, emotional rollercoaster ride guaranteed to have you sitting on the edge of your seat while begging and pleading for more. The sex is raw, hot, powerful, intense, and emotional to the point that you can’t help but feel the love. This well-written story will definitely keep you warm on a cold winter’s night as the words flow smoothly over the page.

If you’re looking for a sensual story where the sex is explicit, the love is endearing, and the cards are smoking hot, then Raising the Stakes is definitely the book to read. Two thumbs up to Ms. Dee!

Rated 5 Ravens and a Recommended Read by The Blackraven



(You can read the whole review here.)

Raising The Stakes releases at Samhain on the the 7th of Dec.

Review 2: Visiting Paradise

Reviewed by Maldivian Book Reviewer

Maldivian Book Reviewer had lots of lovely things to say about the novella. Here’s a little snippet:

1- Visiting Paradise is a very short novella. What surprised and delighted me most was the depth of character development that Ms. Dee brought into the story which made it so much more appealing to read. If it had just been about kinky sex and a rushed happily ever after, I would not have felt for the characters and cheered for the happy ending as I did when I finished reading this beautiful novella.
2- Joseph Bastion. He can steer my ship towards paradise any day! *winks*
3- Loved the delightfully sensuous scenes that unfolded within the story. Tastefully done erotica is always a major turn-on for me. *wicked grin*

Dislikes: None!

Recommended for:
1- Fans of contemporary erotica romances.
2- Those who love their erotica with a story that is worth sinking into, as it is the case with this yummylicious read!”

Final Grade:

Grade: A+


(You can read the whole review here.)

Visiting Paradise is available now from Aspen Mountain Press.



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