Risking It All is now available

Just over a year ago, two of my novellas released in quick succession as e-books at Samhain:

A Question of Love and Going All In.

Now I am seriously delighted to tell you those same two novella are available in one tempting package, a print book called Risking It All.


When it comes to love, it’s a safe bet you’ll lose your heart.

A Question of Love:
Four years ago Gabe Carter left Tina Jenkins as a matter of honor, destroying the passionate threesome they’d both enjoyed with Gabe’s best friend, Connor. Now Gabe’s back, armed with promises of love and forever. Picking up where they left off is tempting, but Tina wants the whole package—which includes Connor—and Gabe wants her all to himself. It’s up to Gabe to prove that he is the only man Tina will ever need.

Going All In:
Julia Savage’s weekly poker games are not the only thing she’s betting on. She’s also gambling on the love of two men. Hunter Miles and Jay Baxter are happy to double up and share both Julia’s affection and her body, but their attraction to each other may threaten the budding relationship between all three of them. Now it’s decision time: all or nothing?

Are you ready for a combination game this hot? Double up for a taste of the edgy world of Jess Dee.

Warning: These novellas contain a whole lot of hunky heroes, heroines worth betting on, sizzling hot m/f love scenes, even hotter three-way action (m/f/m and m/m/f), adult toys, anal sex…and romance that will leave your heart pounding.

Quick Excerpts from the two novellas:

A Question of Love:

“Christ, T, I’ve dreamed of seeing you again.” His massive hand was on her cheek now, and he dragged his thumb over her lower lip. “Kissing you again.”

A wave of dizziness washed over her. Never mind the powers of speech, she couldn’t think straight.

“Dreamed of touching you.” His thumb traced the curve of her upper lip. “Tasting you.”

Her breath caught in her throat.

“I’ve dreamed of you. Every night for four years.” Even as he said it he bent forward. She watched, spellbound, as he closed the distance between them. With a soft groan, he pressed his mouth to hers.

She turned to mush. Standing on the footpath beside his car, with his lips on hers, she couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t think or talk. She could hardly hold herself upright. Her bones dissolved in her legs and her arms lost all structure. Gabe’s lips were on hers—warm, soft and seductive. Gabe. Oh, dear Lord, Gabe.

He drew back to stare into her eyes. “Christ…” he whispered. “I’ve wanted you for four years.” And then his mouth was on hers again, his tongue slipping between her lips, and she melted into him.

God help her, she hadn’t meant to respond, but how could she resist the temptation that was Gabe Carter?

Sensing her capitulation, his arms closed around her, pulling her in even closer, and she lost herself in his immense size, in his taste, in his familiar, spicy scent. Had anyone ever made her feel the way Gabe and Connor did?

All it had taken with them was one kiss, and she was reduced to a trembling wreck. Nothing had changed. Shivers raced through her as Gabe deepened the kiss, reminding her how each cell in her body had always responded to the two men, how every nerve fiber had stood to attention when they touched her.

He lifted her up, curving her body into his. His chest was a solid mass against her breasts, his legs thick and muscled against her thighs. In this position it was impossible to ignore the girth of his erection straining against her belly. Its very presence made her weak-kneed and lightheaded. It also made her horny. Very, very horny.

His tongue danced with hers. His taste filled her mouth. Sex and man.

No one had tasted quite so enticing as Gabe or Connor.

Going All In:

God help her, she needed to step away. Needed to extricate herself from the deluge of testosterone that muddled her thoughts and jammed her senses. Needed to look her parents in the eye tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. She put her hands against Jay’s chest to push him away but grabbed his shirt and clung for dear life instead.

Heat zinged between her legs, and she would have moaned out loud had her mouth not been taken by Jay’s in a heart-pounding kiss.

Hunter pressed his lips to her neck, covering it with sweet, sensual kisses.

How could she resist? How could she push either of them away? For four months she’d been unable to choose one over the other, and here they were taking the choice away from her. Here they were offering her another solution altogether.

She loved two men, and both seemed determined to be with her. How could she not accept them?

Then again, how could she? What would happen to the three of them if she slept with both men at the same time?

But why did kissing them both feel so incredible? So right? Perhaps this was what fate had had in store for her all along. Perhaps she’d never been able to choose one because they were both her destiny.

Bullshit. No woman was graced with two men as her destiny. Not in this day and age, in which she and almost every woman she knew, whether career-oriented or not, was raised to want marriage and the customary two-point-six children.

Jay ran his tongue over hers, nipped her lower lip and pulled away.

Aw, fuck. Who cared what every other woman she knew wanted? She yanked at his shirt, pulling him right back to her, and kissed him again.

Hunter growled in her ear. “It’s time to up the stakes.”

As Jay continued to bamboozle her with exquisite kisses, Hunter moved with a shuffle behind her. The next thing she knew something warm and moist touched the back of her thigh, just below the edge of her skirt.


Risking It All is available now from MBaM.

You can also order it from any of your favorite bookstores, including Amazon and Borders



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