Full House – A Teaser

Thought I’d post a little teaser from Full House tonight.

The cover is so gorgeous (see the previous post), I think it deserves a hawt, little excerpt to go with it, don’t you?

Now, a word or two of warning:

If you’re not yet eighteen or older, do not read this. And if you’re not so partial to m/m romance… well, than this one isn’t for you.


A full house beats a pair any day.


It took a while before Trev’s eyes opened, and when they did, the dark lust seeping from them almost undid Max. How was it possible Trev could be this aroused—and Max knew when Trev was aroused, he’d spent two years studying the phenomenon—if things were complicated?

“Yes or no?” Max asked, his voice a whisper, his heart clenched in a vise. God help him, he needed Trev to say yes.

Trev froze.

The merciless grinding of cock against cock ceased. For endless seconds neither man moved. Trev stared at Max’s mouth and Max stared at Trev’s eyes. Muted laughter filtered through the door.

His balls ached, burning with pent-up desire.

“Shit.” Trev released him with a curse and stepped away. He rubbed his groin as though in pain.

Max could relate.

“Shit,” Trev swore again and walked backward until his butt hit the bench top, then he swung around so fast he knocked over a silver bucket.

The resounding clatter of ice crashing into the sink did little to relieve the pressure in Max’s neck or dick. He breathed deep and rolled his shoulders, wishing he didn’t feel like a tightly wound coil.

“I want you to stay the night.”

Trev’s words were soft, but Max heard them. Exalted in them. “You do?”

“Christ, yes,” Trev snapped. “I want you to fuck me so bad I can hardly breathe from it.”

Joy flooded Max’s system, so intense it almost knocked him sideways.

Trev shook his head. “But you can’t.”

A blow to the nuts couldn’t have hit harder.

It took Max a good few seconds to find his voice. Recovery from rejection took time. Finally he raised his hands in acceptance, pretending everything was cool. Then he dropped them. Trev wasn’t looking his way and the effort of holding them up about killed him. “Whatever, mate. It’s your call.”

Trev spun around, disbelief blazing in his face. “Whatever?”

“Yes, no, it’s your choice.” Christ, how did he present such a calm façade when his insides were shriveling? “You said no. No worries.”

“No worries?” Trev fisted his hands at his chest.

A fighter pose or a protective one?

“No worries?” Trev said again, his voice loud in the small room. He swore and spoke more softly. “I’ve spent six fucking weeks waiting to see you again. Six weeks fantasizing about you and your damn dick, and all you can say is no worries?”

“What the fuck?” There went Max’s rational thought again. If Trev had spent six weeks fantasizing, then why the hell didn’t he want Max spending the night?

Trev glowered at him, his expression incredulous and conflicted.

Max stalked across the kitchen, getting in Trev’s face, pressing his chest against Trev’s fists, squashing them between their two bodies. “You think I don’t wanna spend the night?” There was nothing he wanted more—except perhaps a lifetime of spending the night with Trev. “You think I don’t wanna fuck you?” Wait. He didn’t. “Make love to you?” Ah, that he did. He shuffled back an inch and cupped his hand none too gently over the bulge in Trev’s pants.

Trev jerked beneath his touch and made that same animalistic sound deep in his throat.

“You think I haven’t spent the last month thinking about this?” Christ, he loved Trev’s dick. Touching it again, even over his jeans, was doing mad things to his breathing. Trev was every bit as hard as he was. “Damn it, I’m having wet dreams about you. Fucking wet dreams.” Sleeping alone in hotel rooms was no fun. Not when the huge double beds rattled with emptiness. “So don’t get pissy with me, mate. You said not tonight. Not me.”

Trev’s hands uncurled, and he turned them so his palms were pressed against Max’s chest. “I said it was complicated.” Trev closed his eyes.

Max forced his mind away from Trev’s touch, away from the cock in his hand. “And just what the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It means I have to tell you something.”

He dropped his arm, releasing Trev’s dick. If those weren’t the deadliest words ever invented—


Full House releases at Samhain on the 12th of April, but…it’s already up for presale at Samhain.

Check it out right here.



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