Blast From the Past by Angela Verdenius

Woot! Angela Verdenius has a new release, and I’m so excited for her, I wanna scream it to the world.
Have you met Angela yet? If not, let me tell you about this incredible Aussie author:
Angela is one of those authors who just knows how to write. She captures her characters’ essence so unbelievably well, before you know it you are a part of the book, living the story right along with her characters.
Ang is just naturally talented when it comes to story telling.

The first book I ever read of hers was Operation Seduction, which originally appeared in the Boys Down Under Anthology, and later released as an individual novella:

From that instant on, I was hooked on her work.

She has an incredible Sci Fi series, called Love Heart and Soul, and has established a huge following, with readers crying out for more books.

Now, Ang has a new release with Eternal Press, called Blast From the Past.


When a five-thousand-year-old woman is discovered in hibernation, no one, especially the cool, calm and collected Captain Alsandair Amirov, had any idea the trouble she was going to bring once she was revived.

Emotional turmoil, a womanizing treasure hunter, the rise of a predator and, oh yes, trouble in the form of a reptilian race out to kill her…

This blast from the past was going to have an impact…big time.


Wanna know another reason I’m so excited about this new release from Angela?

Well, check out her dedication:

To Jess Dee, who got me started on writing this novella!
To Brenda Edde and Maureen De Rosario for listening to me moan, and to Theresa O’Hagan for having the biggest, softest, kitty- lovin’ heart around.

See? Of course I have to love the book.


Now, go and discover the wonderful world of Angela Verdenius for yourself!

I promise, you will never look back.



8 thoughts on “Blast From the Past by Angela Verdenius

  1. Congratulations Angela. Another great book. And just in time for my Valentine present to myself. Yeah!!! My Kindle thanks you too.

    • Good gosh, Kari, you do get around! LOL It’s great to see you here! the book is a little different to my normal tone of voice …so…here’s hoping people like it! LOL


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