My current inspiration

I’m in the middle of writing the sequel to Winter Fire, tentatively entitled Ties That Bind (yes, that’s Jenna and Garreth’s story for all of you who’ve been asking) and I’ve found a song that’s inspiring me to write more and more.

I’ve only just recently discovered the wonder of The Script, but now I’m busy downloading a whole ton of their songs. (Can’t seem to help myself. Have you heard the voice of the lead singer, Danny O’Donaghue? It’s exquisite!)

This song is beyond beautiful, and every time I hear it, I just wanna write another love scene.

What do you think?

I know. Takes my breath away too.

So, you wanna see a little peak preview of the book? An unedited preview of the unfinished book?

Okay then…but please. No comment about bad spelling or grammar. This is a first draft!

Ties That Bind: A sneak peek

Seeing her all tied up was killing him. It made his heart beat fast and furious, demanding he touch her, hold her. Make her his. Once and for all. He could take her, just like that, bound to the chair, so she was powerless to refuse him.
The idea made him hard as a freaking pole.
Impossible idea though. He couldn’t do it.
“You know I hate you, don’t you?” she asked, very slowly and very clearly.
He dragged his gaze back to her face, looked into the eyes he longed to see brimming over with lust and desire for him again. The way she’d looked at him in the mountains, her eyes glazed with hunger… Christ, he’d dreamed about it every fucking night since.
Garreth shook his head, negating her words, seeing them for the lie they both knew they were. “You don’t hate me, Jenn. You hate that you can’t hate me, no matter what happened between us.”
Her eyes glittered. Not with hatred though. For all Jenna’s bluster, hatred was not something she felt for Garreth. The glitter reflected her struggle to maintain control. Her struggle not to give away one tiny glimpse of real emotion. She’d fight tooth and nail to hide her feelings, because that was Jenna. Hide it. Control it. Do not, under any circumstances, ever, confront it.
“Nothing happened between us.” She gave a nonchalant shrug.
Garreth couldn’t repress the smile that tugged on his lips. An arrogant, I-know-better smile. Because he did know better. He knew intimately better. “Nothing, hmm?”
Jenna stiffened and looked over his shoulder, refusing to meet his gaze. Fine with him. He could stare at her breasts again. Fantasize. Wish.
And he could challenge her. In fact, he relished the idea. “So by nothing, you mean you never threw yourself at me? Never stripped naked in my arms and demanded I fuck you until we both forgot our names?” The memory twisted his balls. Made them hard as stone. Jenna, naked and shivering in his arms. Naked and pleading with him, to take her, finally. Make her his.
If he hadn’t relived that moment a thousand fucking times…




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