Your chance to win an ebook from my backlist

Yep, I thought that blog title might get your attention.


So, wanna know how you can win an ebook?

Well, it’s really simple actually. Limecello is running a series of Tuesday Teasers on her blog. She’s posting never-before-seen excerpts from some of her favorite romance authors.

And…guess who’s featured today?

That’s right! Me.


Okay, so technically, it’s not me who’s featured, it’s my book: Full House.

Now, if you head on over the the post: Teaser Tuesday: Full House By Jess Dee, you’ll see Lime has included a little contest. And the winner of the contest can choose an ebook of their choice from my back list.

So, what are you waiting for? Go. Win yourself an ebook.

Oh, and good luck.


PS – hope you enjoy the excerpt.



2 thoughts on “Your chance to win an ebook from my backlist

  1. I love your books..
    I read the first in the series, and recently got he next 2.
    Can’t wait to read them..*S*
    Thank you for your wonderful books.
    Sending your good thoughts over your recent loss, and wishing you nothing but best.

  2. Darcy, it’s the crack of dawn here, the sun isn’t even up, I’m bleary eyed, and your comment has just given me my first smile of the day.
    Thank you.

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