At last: Cover art for Bandicoot Cove

Woot, with thanks to Kanaxa and Scott Carpenter, the Bandicoot Cove Anthology has cover art!
What do you think?

Bandicoot Cove releases every two weeks, starting in August:

Aug 23: you can get your FREE copy of Exotic Indulgence, by Vivian Arend, Lexxie Couper and myself.

On the the same day, you can also purchase Paradise Found by Vivian Arend.

Sep 6: Lexxie Couper’s Tropical Sin releases.

Sep 20: my book, Island Idyll releases.

2012: Nope, no set date yet, but the print anthology of the three novellas will release as a print book called Tropical Desires.





11 thoughts on “At last: Cover art for Bandicoot Cove

  1. These sounds like great reads. I’ve read your and Vivian’s book, and it will be great to familiarize myself with Lexxie’s work. The covers are much different than I expected, in a good way. The brown and white coloring give a softness to the picture. I absolutely love your cover with the white sarong flitting in the breeze. Super sexy!! Can’t wait til they come out!! Thanks for sharing. :0))

    • Ah, Elece, I think I’m guilty of misleading you in my Samhain blog. The image I stuck up there was simply one of a gorgeous woman in a bikini. It held none of the special effects that go into making an image into a gorgeous cover.
      AND, thank you. I’m so happy you like the cover for Island Idyll. I think it’s wonderfully sexy too.

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