Island Idyll: The series is complete

Today marks the release of the fourth and final book in the Bandicoot Cove series.

Yep, a month after the first two books, Exotic Indulgence and Paradise Found went on sale, Island Idyll finally hits the market. And I am stoked.

I enjoyed writing this book so much, that I wrote the sequel to it as well. Office Affair releases at Samhain next May.

The question is, which character/s from Island Idyll feature in Office Affair? I can’t answer that. Not yet anyway. Not until you’ve read Island Idyll.

And you’ll understand why, as soon as you read the blurb.

Island Idyll: The Blurb

Adolescent fantasies can grow into very adult realities.

Bandicoot Cove, Book 4

Sienna James has come to Bandicoot Cove to mourn the end of her eight-year relationship with Ben Cowley. The last person she expects to meet is the star of every one of her high school fantasies.

Joshua Lye is not only as appealing as he was in high school, he reveals she was the main feature in his adolescent wet dreams. As kids they never got it together. But they’re adults now, and there’s nothing keeping them apart.

When Ben arrives at the resort determined to win Sienna back, finding another man in her bed kind of throws a spanner in the works. But he isn’t deterred. Rather than admit defeat, he comes up with an alternative plan: Let Sienna sleep with both men—at the same time. Then she can make an informed decision as to which man she wants.

Sienna shouldn’t want to go through with this shockingly sexy plan, but she does. Desperately. Except after the sexual storm passes, she could have it all…or be left holding an empty heart.

Product Warnings: Contains a suggestion beyond risqué, a solution beyond orgasmic, and two men who know how to play dirty. Really, really dirty.

Island Idyll: An Adult Exerpt

Ben carried her to the bed, laid her down on her back and lay beside her. Not once did he release her mouth. He kissed her as though he never wanted to let her go. Kissed with a soul-searing intensity. A chocolate-flavored delight that would have usurped her entire heart, her entire being, if Josh hadn’t chosen that moment to remind her of what they’d shared just hours before.

“Enjoy his kiss, princess.” Josh knelt between her legs. He was naked. Beautifully naked. He must have stripped when Ben had her full attention. “But don’t mistake his mouth for the one that’s about to show you fireworks.” And with nothing more than that warning, he hooked the backs of her knees over his shoulders, leaned forward and buried his nose between her thighs.

A sigh of untold pleasure burst from her lips.

As Ben kissed her, Josh made love to her pussy, licking, nibbling, adoring—just like Ben did with her mouth.

Bliss, sweet and hot, spread like fire through her cells. The nerves in her pussy danced, delighting in Josh’s attention to detail. They spun in dizzying circles, reaching higher, harder, faster for that pinnacle of ecstasy.

When Josh flattened his tongue against her clit and laved her, firmly, seductively, those nerves found their target, triggering an exquisite orgasm.

She groaned into Ben’s mouth as waves of rapture undulated through her. He kissed her through each delicious convulsion, and she kissed him back, his chocolaty flavor the perfect accompaniment to the sin of Josh’s mouth.

“My turn to taste you, baby,” Ben whispered when he finally pulled away, and Josh reluctantly ceded to him.


Island Idyll is available now at Samhain Publishing, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your favorite ebookstore.

Don’t forget about the other three books in the series, including the third book, released two weeks ago: Tropical Sin

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9 thoughts on “Island Idyll: The series is complete

  1. Congrats on new release! Loved the book & now impatiently waiting for the sequel. I think I can guess who’s story it’s gonna be *grin*

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