Red Hot Winter is now available

Ooh, this release kind of crept up on me. 🙂

I can’t believe it’s already the 6th of Dec (well, the 7th actually) and the book is now available.
Red Hot Winter is the print anthology of Winter Fire (my novella), Triple Dare (written by Lexxie Couper) and True Heart (written by Delilah Devlin).

And you know what makes this release even more exciting?

Next month, the sequel to the Red Hot Winter antho is releasing. It’s called Red Hot Weekend, and I promise to fill you in on all those details closer to the time. (Wait til you see the covers. They are gorgeous!)

Red Hot Winter: The blurb

Two men, one woman and some red-hot loving. Winter has never been so hot.

True Heart by Delilah Devlin

True can’t believe his brother Lonny rented out their isolated hunting cabin to a city girl. With a herd to keep alive, who has time to baby-sit? Erotica writer Honey needs no distractions to finish her next book, but the Wyatt brothers set her imagination free. Then a fire forces her to seek shelter under their roof—and the temptation to do some “research” is overpowering.

Winter Fire by Jess Dee

Rachel and Jackson can’t imagine being with anyone else, but Jackson never dates his twin sister’s friends. At the twins’ birthday weekend at a mountain resort, Rachel tries to forget him by indulging in a fling. Garreth weaves a fantasy that brings Jackson to their bed. Funny thing about his fantasies…they have a way of coming true.

Triple Dare by Lexxie Couper

Anna can see trouble is written all over Joseph and Rob, two sexy Aussies on a snowboarding trip to the Rockies. Sure enough, they end up needing her survival skills. Stuck in a remote cabin, the temperatures rise until a double dare turns into a triple threat.

Product Warnings: These stories contain two men loving one woman in ways that break every fire code invented and are guaranteed to warm you on the coldest winter night.


Red Hot Winter is available now at your fave bookstore, or at Samhain Publishing.

Happy reading,



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