First Page Peek – Photo Opportunity

I thought I’d start the series of First Page Peaks with my very first release: Photo Opportunity

First page of Photo Opportunity

Chapter One

Daniel Tanner was a man who knew what he wanted, and what he wanted most lay naked on his bed, quivering in the aftermath of her second orgasm. The first two he gave freely. The third she would have to work for.

Her taste lingered in his mouth, a mixture of cream, honey and sex. He resisted the urge to lean down and taste her again. Instead his gaze swept over her body, taking in the swollen breasts, their dusky pink nipples puckered into tight beads. Her chest rose and fell in unison with her long, hard puffs, and her toned, shapely thighs were spread in invitation. The damp cleft between her legs glistened and Daniel thought he might well have a heart attack if he didn’t fuck her soon.

He ran a finger over her engorged clit and her hips bucked.

“Daniel…” Her softly voiced gasp was music to his ears.

Her gaze locked with his as he brought his finger to his mouth and licked. Green eyes turned hazy with desire and she moaned out loud.

He raked his fingers lightly over her breasts.

“Daniel, please…” She pushed her chest up, begging for more. He watched as she twisted on the sheets. Color tinged her cheeks and her hair spilled over the pillow in a tangled cloud.

She never looked sexier. Emotion washed through him, so powerful he shook. He fantasized about this moment forever and could hardly believe it was finally happening.

“Yeah, babe?” He knew what she wanted, but still waited for her to beg.

“Oh…” Frustration flashed across her face, and he couldn’t repress his slow, satisfied smile. She was in no state to talk, not after what he’d just done to her. He’d give her another minute. Watching her writhe like that was almost as arousing as watching her come.

“Please,” she said again and moaned.

“What do you want?” he whispered.





(Check back tomorrow for the first page of the sequel to Photo Op, Ask Adam.)


5 thoughts on “First Page Peek – Photo Opportunity

  1. Oh yeah!!! You’re gonna have me digging into my book collection of yours now. Just need to decide if it’s ebook or print 😊

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