First Page Peek – Only Tyler

Here it is. The first page of the first book in the Circle of Friends series: Only Tyler.

(This is also one of my two favorite covers.)

The first page of Only Tyler:

Chapter One

“Sir, I’ll ask you again. Are you carrying any arms or weapons?”

Tyler Bonnard pulled his gaze away from the sliding doors. He couldn’t see through them anyway, and he needed to give the man in front of him his full attention, especially if he wanted to walk through those doors any time soon. “No, I am not.”

“Do you have any banned or illegal substances?”

“None.” Damn, how could he concentrate when he knew Steve and Katie waited for him just meters away?

“Would you mind if we checked your luggage, sir?”

“Not at all.” The interrogation didn’t bother him. The couple waiting outside did. He’d spent the last twenty-odd hours in transit sweating over them. The Sydney customs’ officer must have picked up on this apprehension—and misread it.

“Can you open your cases, please.”

Tyler did as he was asked. The guard looked at him a moment too long, suspicion plastered all over his face.

“You won’t find anything out of order,” Tyler assured him.

The man nodded easily. “Maybe not, but you seem a little tense for someone who isn’t hiding something.”

“You’d be tense too,” Tyler said without thinking, his eyes fixed once again on the doors, “if the woman you loved waited out there—with her fiancé.”

“Ah.” The man gave him a sympathetic nod. “Bugger, mate. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah.” Tyler grimaced. “Me too.”

The officer rifled through his clothes. “Bet you’re wishing you never came back, eh?”

Wrong. “I’m wishing I never left in the first place.”

He opened a toiletry bag and inspected the contents. “You know the bloke?”


Stay tuned. Tomorrow is Steve’s Story, the sequel to Only Tyler.



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