First Page Peek – Steve’s Story

Here you go, the first page of the second book in the Circle of Friends Series: Steve’s Story.

(This is the other one of my two favorite covers…)

The first page of Steve’s Story

Chapter One

“There’s something else I need to tell you.” Steve Sommers’ stomach twisted as he wondered how his brother would respond to his news.

“You mean there’s more?” Sam’s voice echoed over the line. “The accident wasn’t enough?”

“Yeah. There’s more.” He exhaled loudly. “Kate and I broke up.”

His words were met with silence. “Sam?”

“I’m here.”

“Say something.” The connection was bad enough without his brother’s meditative quiet.

“I’m sorry?”

That was the best Sam could do? He’d just announced that his forthcoming marriage was off and all his brother could offer was a questionable condolence? “You know,” Steve sighed, “that might be a little bit more comforting if I thought you actually meant it.” He slumped against the hospital wall, the stress of the past two weeks draining him of his strength and energy.

Static interference whispered through the phone.

“I honestly am sorry.” Sam hesitated. “I can’t say I’m too surprised. That’s all.”

Steve groaned in disbelief. “Is there not one single person in my whole family who believed Kate and I would get married?”


Steve stared listlessly down the passage leading to ICU. Nurses at their station bustled about their business. “No, don’t bother. That’s answer enough.” He raked his hands through his hair. Damn, Kate’s decision to call of the wedding still stung. It shouldn’t, but it did, and his family’s intuitive knowledge that the relationship wouldn’t last only increased the burn.

“Look, you know we’re all crazy about Kate, and you know we’d all have welcomed her into the family, but you don’t love her.” A couple of seconds passed before Sam added, “And she doesn’t love you either.”

Nope, she didn’t. Not like a woman should love her fiancé, anyway. “How do you figure that?”

“You know I always said the woman was in love with Tyler, mate. It was obvious to all of us. You included.”

His brother had a point. Not only was Kate in love with Tyler, she had been for a very long time. “Yeah, maybe I should have given that a bit more credence before I proposed.” But there’d been no reason.


Tomorrow I post the first page of the book that sent my writing career on a whole new path…



4 thoughts on “First Page Peek – Steve’s Story

  1. Aww, Jess…this one was such an emotional love story that tugs at my heart every time I read it and I’ve read it several times already.

    • I gotta warn you, Tracey, Steve’s Story is a love it or hate it kind of a book. From the feedback I’ve gotten from readers, there seems to be no in between.
      (But I confess: I love it coz I adore Steve.)

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