First Page Peek – A Question Of Love

How could I not have followed up A Question Of Trust with A Question Of Love? It was crying out for a sequel:

First Page of A Question Of Love

Chapter One

“Regular long black?”

Gabe Carter turned to the counter to accept his take-away coffee. As he did so, movement across the coffee shop caught his eye. A man stood, leaned over and brushed his mouth against that of a woman still sitting at the table. Their lips met, held, held some more and then some more.

She pulled away. The man waved and walked out of the coffee shop. The woman slumped back in her seat.

Gabe stared, stunned all the way down to his toes. His heart beat uneasily against his ribs. Goddamn. It couldn’t be.

Could it?

’Course it could. Made sense too. The coffee shop on the corner. The same one where she and he and Connor Regan, his closest mate, had always hung out, every Sunday morning like clockwork. Wasn’t that the reason he’d come here? Not for the coffee but for the memories? For the hope, the slight hope that maybe, just maybe, she would be here?

She hadn’t been home, and the voice message on her mobile phone had informed him the number had been disconnected. Visiting the café had been a last desperate attempt to find her. Frustration needled his gut. Why had it taken him so long to come to his senses? Why the fuck hadn’t he acted four years ago, when he’d realized just how deep his feelings ran for Tina Jenkins? He wouldn’t have needed to track her down now.

Gabe shook his head to clear it. That didn’t matter anymore. She was here. With a man, no less. Fuck. Was it the same man?

She hadn’t changed, although her blonde hair was short now, cut in pixie-like wisps to frame her delicate face. She wrinkled her nose as she stared at her cup. Her almond-shaped eyes narrowed, and her mouth drooped in a despondent pout. A sexy despondent pout.

Arrows of apprehension struck his spine. Now what? He’d come searching for her, and he’d found her. Kissing someone. Did he do what instinct dictated? Stride towards her, kicking chairs out of his path, and haul her up in his arms? Carry her out of this place like a barbarian intent on claiming his woman? Prove that no other man was good enough for her?


And tomorrow? The first page of the first book the three book series, Three Of A Kind.



2 thoughts on “First Page Peek – A Question Of Love

  1. Tracey, I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to respond to all your comments. I’ve been away with no access to my blog!!!

    Thank you for all your comments about the first pages. I hope the rest of the book(s) live up to the starts.
    Enjoy whichever ones you read.


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