First Page Peek – Raising the Stakes (And happy new year)

Raising The Stakes, Book 2 in the Three Of a Kind Series, is the only mfm menage in the series. It’s also smokin’ hot!

First Page of Raising The Stakes

Chapter One

Desmond Reed dumped his cards facedown on the table in front of him. He wished he were anywhere but here, with anyone but them. The five people seated around the table didn’t worry him. It was the empty chair opposite that scraped at his soul, ripping out parts of his already frayed heart.

At the front door Alex Truman pulled Megan Loxley in close and kissed her until her eyelids fluttered shut and a tiny groan escaped her. Alex’s muscled bulk eclipsed Meg’s slim frame, but his size could not hide the heated response of her kiss or the way she leaned into him, molding her body to his, clutching his arms and kissing him right back. The flashes of her pink tongue sliding into Alex’s mouth nearly undid Des.

Damn it, he should turn and stare out the window at the Sydney skyline, but he couldn’t look away.

He swallowed hard against the desire and jealousy that fueled his blood. He refused, point-blank, to give in to his hunger. His dick could turn blue and fall off for all he cared. He was not going to utter one word to Meg on the matter. He wouldn’t comment to Alex either. It had been his choice to stand on the sidelines and feed the unforeseen fire that had flared between the two of them. Too late now to cry like a baby and yank back his approval.

Still, the sight of the two of them together tied him up in knots. It made him wish to God he was the one in Meg’s arms, but he couldn’t—wouldn’t—do a damn thing about it. His envy did not give him the right to act like a complete prick.

Even so, ill-placed resentment stirred in Des’s chest, and common sense didn’t stop his fingers from tightening into fists beneath the table.

It should have been him. His lips should have been touching hers. Not Alex’s. She should be in his arms now, moaning softly into his mouth. Why had he woken up so late? What was his bloody problem? Why’d it have to take Meg’s falling for his poker buddy to make Des see the light?

Megan should have been his. He should have gotten down on one knee and proposed years ago.


And yep, tomorrow you can read the first page of the final book in the series, Full House


By the way, since tonight is New Year’s Eve here in Sydney…


Hope you have a happy, healthy, prosperous 2012


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