First Page Peek – Winter Fire

Winter Fire is both the first book in the Fire Series, and a novella in the Red Hot Winter Anthology. It’s also been nominated for A CAPA award at The Romance Studio. (Cool, huh?)

First Page of Winter Fire

Chapter One

Heat radiated from the stone fireplace, warming the room. The temperature in the cozy, modern hotel lounge was a welcome contrast to the frigid wind outside. Mesmerized, Rachel Ashberg stared into the flames, watching as they danced around the logs, consuming the wood with hungry licks.

She sipped the last of her wine, relishing the tranquility that settled over her. Tomorrow that peace would be stripped away like old paint.

It had been a good idea to drive up to the Blue Mountains from Sydney a day early. The ninety-minute car trip through winding roads and national parkland had given her a chance to decompress a little. Twenty-four hours of rest and relaxation, away from the stress of work and failed relationships, was proving to be a much-needed tonic. Plus, she was building up her energy reserves for the weekend. She was going to need them.

The walk down to Wentworth Falls earlier had helped too. All that crisp, wintry air, lush eucalyptus forest, calming birdsong and getting back to nature had either cleared her mind of any remaining despondency or frozen her brain and heart enough that those issues no longer worried her. So what if things hadn’t worked out with Paul? She’d known from the beginning he wasn’t the right guy for her, but she’d tried anyway.

Just like she’d tried with James and Ethan and a whole host of other men who hadn’t quite cut it. Hell, none of them were the right guy.

How could they be, when she’d already met the right guy—and he was the one man she couldn’t be with? Of course, fate dictated he was also the man she was about to spend two days and two nights with, in a romantic boutique hotel.

He, his sister and ten of their closest friends.

God, it was going to be hell. Torture to the nth degree. How would she ever make it through to Monday?

Rachel shook her head, chastising herself for her negativity.

She would make it through to Monday. Her strength and her resistance had been fortified today, and she’d be fine. The weekend would pass without her once pining for Jackson Brooks. Without accidentally brushing up against him. Without sneaking outside in the blistering cold to steal secret kisses as they once had.


Tomorrow I’ll be posting the first page of the second book in the series, Hidden Fire. Yep, the book hasn’t even released yet, so this won’t just be a first page peak, it’ll be a first time peak too!




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