First Page Peek – Exotic Indulgence

Exotic Indulgence is a little different from my other books. First and foremost, it’s not only written by me, but by Lexxie Couper and Vivian Arend as well. Secondly, it’s the first book in the Bandicoot Cove Anthology, and thirdly…it’s a freebie.


First Page of Exotic Indulgence

Chapter One

You Are Personally and Cordially Invited to Attend

The Soft Opening of Australia’s Newest FIVE-STAR Luxury Resort

BANDICOOT COVE on Bilby Island.

Bring a plus one if you desire.

All expenses and needs will be catered for as we test our customer services in preparation for the Grand Opening.

Kylie stared at the embossed card once more. The elaborate curlicues and swirls in the resort name twirled like fireworks going off in celebration. She’d really and truly made it. All those years of schooling, of working her way up through hotel after hotel, and here she was, in charge of the hottest, most exclusive resort to hit Australia.

She flipped the card onto her desk and drained the sparkling water in her wine glass in one gulp.

About bloody time.

Three weeks remained until the doors symbolically swung open, and her feet already throbbed—and not in a good way. There were last-minute details to take care of, which included ensuring she could be reached at all times during the soft opening. The practice weekend would be her last chance to make certain any possible disasters were eradicated before the official opening.

God help anyone who interfered with her preparations over the next few weeks.

The view out her window showcased the resort. When she’d demanded a fourth-floor office instead of one of the penthouse units—like most managers nabbed—the rest of her crew had been shocked. Yeah, she’d have been able to see the entire length of Bilby Island. All the way from the sheltered west-side harbor to the eastern shore where white sand beaches met the Pacific Ocean. But this location put her closer to the action. Let her look into the heart of the resort—the actual people moving around it. Staff wandering the grounds, working the pools, arranging tables and chairs in the bars and restaurants below her.


Tomorrow? The first page of my novella from the Bandicoot Cove Anthology, Island Idyll.



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