First Page Peek – Island Idyll

Ah, Island Idyll.  Can you think of a more perfect setting to fall in love than on a tropical island off the Australian coastline? It would be…idyllic.


First Page of Island Idyll

Chapter One

You Are Personally and Cordially Invited to Attend

The Soft Opening of Australia’s Newest FIVE-STAR Luxury Resort

BANDICOOT COVE on Bilby Island.

Bring a plus one if you desire.

All expenses and needs will be catered for as we test our customer services in preparation for the Grand Opening.

(P.S. Can you believe I got this job, guys? Wow!!

See you soon,

Love, Kylie


(P.P.S.—Si! Wait ’til you see who installed our computer network. Your eyes are gonna pop.)

Sienna James drew her arm back, took aim and flung a flattish oyster-colored shell forward with as much gusto as she could manage. It sailed a good five meters in the air, landed with a muffled plop and sank beneath the pristine water surrounding the tropical and oh-so-beautiful Bilby Island.

With a satisfied grin, Sienna buried her feet in the wet sand, the sludgy grains squishing between her toes and leaned down to get another shell. Taking careful aim, she tossed it just as far as before. This time however, as she released the shell, she let out a mighty whoop.

Why the hell had she never considered tossing out her troubles before? So far, it was working a treat. With every shell that landed in the ocean, the shackles of her grief loosened, and throw-by-throw, step-by-step, she walked free of them.

Before lobbing the next shell as far as it could go, she brought it up to face level, glared at it with one eye and named it.

“Ben Cowley,” she said and let it fly.

Ben sank gratifyingly fast.

“Dead-end engagement,” she said to another shell and watched it disappear beneath the surface—just the way her ex-upcoming wedding had. Without even a splutter of breath. Both the shell and the wedding were gone. Never to resurface.


And tomorrow? Well, this is a bit of a surprise. It won’t just be a first page peak, it’ll be a first time peak. I’ll be posting the first page of the sequel to Island Idyll: Office Affair – a book that hasn’t even finished being edited!



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