The Queen Of Procrastination

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I consider myself the queen of procrastination.

Truth be told, I’m only writing this blog post now because I have a massive deadline looming, and I’m finding everything in my power to avoid settling down and meeting the darn deadline. (I’m pretty good at this tho. I’ve convinced myself this is my pre-writing time. My time for getting my head together, gathering my thoughts and getting into the groove.)

Anyway one of my getting-in-the-groove habits is to check blogs from the previous day to see if I’ve missed comments etc. So I was over at the Down Under Divas and happened to notice the search term “Procrastination” was used by five different people to find our blog. Fascinated, I too typed the word into Google to see how quickly it would lead me to the Down Under Divas.

It didn’t. Well, not after pouring through six or seven pages of Google search results. (So I have to commend those searchers’ perseverance in finding the Divas. They must all have searched for way longer than I did, making them true procrastinators.)

But what I did find was this hilarious clip by Ellen Degeneres. The second I saw it, I had to post it to my blog.





3 thoughts on “The Queen Of Procrastination

  1. LOL me too!!! I always turned my papers in right before they were due. I had a 20 page paper due for Legal Environment of Business (an online class) and I turned it in less than 5 minutes before the online cutoff. lol That was a little scary. 🙂


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