Currently Loving…

I’m such a slacker when it comes to blogging, I thought I’d try something new. So, I’ve decided to add a weekly post to my blog. I’ve called it “Currently Loving” and I intend to post under the title every Friday.

(Just kick me if I forget, please.)

So, what is “Currently Loving”? Well, it’s a general category that’ll cover something I’m currently really enjoying. A book, a movie, TV program or maybe a song I can’t stop listening to. And if you have any things you’re currently loving, please tell me about them. I’m always looking for new music, books, movies etc.

So, what am I currently loving at the moment?

It’s a song. One I heard on the radio a few months back, loved it and immediately downloaded it. It’s become a fave of the whole fam, and every time we get in the car we all have to listen to it and sing along at the top of our voices. (Ok, so the Dee family version isn’t so pretty, but the original is way cool…)

It’s called Summer Paradise (By Simple Plan & featuring K’naan)

Oh, and know what I love about this vid? It’s set in Australia.




One thought on “Currently Loving…

  1. Hey Jess,
    Been awhile. I am currently loving Darynda Jones! She is a new author I started reading for my romance book club. Love her and trying to wait patiently for her release on Tuesday


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