A once in a lifetime review

It’s not every day I can walk into a room and announce that one of my books has been reviewed by Publisher’s Weekly. But today I can do that, and I can do it with an enormous amount of pride. Because not only did PW review a book of mine, but they awarded it a STAR review.

Usually I’d only post a snippet of a review, but well, seeing as this is a biggie for me, I’m gonna go the distance and post the whole damn thing.

(*Ahem* Please note the little, red star beside the title. :D)

Colors of Love: Speed, Book 2

Jess Dee. Samhain, $4.50 e-book (162p) ISBN 978-1-60928-930-0

Dee follows See You in My Dreams with a red-hot tale that has true heart. Seth Pace, guitarist and songwriter for a rock band, Speed, has the hots for the band’s manager, Luke Struthers. Luke, deeply in love with Seth, fights that attraction with everything he’s got; having grown up in an abusive home, he’s afraid of perpetuating the cycle of violence. Both men occasionally enjoy threesomes with women, so Luke hatches a plan while the band’s on tour: to bring a straight woman, Karen “Kaz” Flaherty, into bed with him and Seth and then slip away. What Luke doesn’t know is that Kaz has an extraordinary ability to read auras, and unparalleled intuition. She’s determined to find out why Luke’s aura radiates despair and help all three of them find lasting love. The sex scenes sizzle, and Dee’s skillful characterization will have readers eagerly hoping the trio get their happily ever after. (Aug.)

Reviewed on: 04/30/2012

Thank you Publisher’s Weekly, for making me one very happy writer.

Colors Of Love releases on the 24th of July, but it is available now for pre-order on Kindle and Nook.



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