Currently Loving…My old home

Having just spent three weeks back in South Africa, I can tell you I fell in love with the country all over again.

We left at a time of great insecurity and instability. A time when we could perceive no future for our family. And in order to fully integrate into another country, another society, we had to push back all our memories of  South Africa, ignore them and focus only on making a new home for ourselves. Which we did. Incredibly successfully.

But that doesn’t mean that going back to South Africa didn’t tear our emotions apart. Didn’t remind us of everything we’d left behind, or force us to see how much the country has changed since then.

You see, no matter what has happened since we left, South Africa was a part of us. And it always will be. So this post is just to let the world know, that no matter how much I might have changed, and no matter how much my life has changed, I will always love the country I grew up in with a deep and abiding passion.


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4 thoughts on “Currently Loving…My old home

    • My seven year old son went nuts with the giraffe picture. Plus, hubby liked your post. Yes, He does read some of the blogs that I follow. 🙂


      • Ah, That’s Mr 11. He did not stop smiling the entire time he fed that giraffe.
        Oh, and I’m flattered your hubby read my blog. 🙂

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