Awesomely awesome cover art

I love it!

This is the cover for A Touch Of Confidence, from the Two To Tango Anthology.

I don’t have the official blurb yet, so I’m posting the unofficial one here:


He kissed the girl and he liked it. Now to convince her it could be love…

From the Two To Tango Anthology

When a coveted retail space opens up in Rose Bay, Claire Jones and her sisters waste no time grabbing the perfect spot to relocate their expanding children’s bookshop. But when Claire arrives to sign on the dotted line, she discovers someone else got there first.

Worse, the new tenant is shaking hands with a man who is definitely not the elderly Jack Wilson with whom she made an verbal agreement three days ago. This Jack Wilson is a tall, hunky giant—and no amount of righteous indignation can mask her body’s bone-deep sexual response.

Jack never planned to take over the family company; he’s a teacher, not a businessman. But with his grandfather in the hospital, he’s taken up the reins—and steered straight into trouble. Now he’s faced with a serious mistake, and a beautiful, Amazon warrior of a woman who’s demanding satisfaction.

He’d love to give it to her, but his idea of satisfaction has nothing to do with business, and everything to do with getting the curvy goddess naked. The sooner the better…

Warning: If you’ve never made love to a man who quotes Shakespeare during sex…be warned. You’re gonna want to after reading this book.


The eBooks of A Touch Of Confidence, Where There’s Smoke and Ballroom Blitz release on the 2cnd of Oct, and are available now for pre-order over at Samhain.

I’ll leave you with a peak of hte three other covers in the anthology: The print cover, Two To Tango (which releases next year), Jayne’s Where There’s Smoke, and Lorelei’s Ballroom Blitz.




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