More Than Lovers – a dirty little sneak peek

As promised yesterday, I have a little sneak peek of the second book in the More Than series, More Than Lovers.

Before I post the excerpt, I must warn you that altho edits on the book and the blurb are reaching the final stages, they’re not there yet. So apologies in advance for any errors that appear in the blog.



It was just sex…until the booty calls got serious.

When Sarah Deacon’s new relationship comes to an unexpected end, she heads straight for the one place she can always find no-strings comfort—her neighbor’s bed. Charlie, who’s made it clear sex is all he wants, is only too happy to oblige.

Hot sex with a gorgeous surfer any time she’s single and in the mood? Oh, yeah. She’s all signed up for that course.

Charlie Hudson knows he’s all wrong for the sexy geneticist. After all, what could a long-haired, school dropout have in common with a classy academic? Nothing…except maybe a burning desire for her that just won’t quit no matter how often they have sex. And they have sex. Often.

Sensing the breakup has damaged her self worth, Charlie cooks up a plan to introduce her to three “appropriate” men who’ll show her she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. But when his matchmaking begins to work too well, he realizes there’s only one thing worse than not having her in his bed.

Losing the chance to make her his forever.

Warning: One blond-haired, blue-eyed surfer dude + red-hot booty calls = a book you will not be able to put down (unless you plan to go surfing…or jump your guy.)

MORE THAN LOVERS: A seriously dirty excerpt (You’ve been warned.)

Fuck, his hand shook so badly, he couldn’t grab the box of condoms without knocking over his bottle of aftershave. It clanged onto the vanity and fell into the basin. Checking only to see that it hadn’t cracked and spilled, he took the entire box in hand and headed back to the lounge, his dick an iron rod in his boardies.

He’d managed to divest himself of his shirt and thongs, but the unit was small. There’d been no time to lose the shorts. Which was a problem, seeing as they currently held his erection in a death grip, when just fifteen minutes ago they’d fitted comfortably.

Sarah always had this effect on him. If she came anywhere near him, he got a stiffy. Had from the first time he’d met her, the day he moved into the unit upstairs from hers eighteen months ago.

He’d slept with her that night. And at least once a week since then. Except for the times she’d been seeing other guys or he’d been with other women. But none of those relationships had outlasted their booty calls.

Tonight he’d taken one look into her glazed eyes and known her desire was at fever pitch. Known it wouldn’t take much before she came on his tongue.

What would take an effort though was getting her to come on his cock now.

Sarah needed to catch her breath before he could whip her up to fever pitch again. But he had time. He didn’t need to be anywhere.

She lay on the couch with her head on the low arm, her eyes closed and a hand resting on her chest, which heaved unevenly. One knee was bent, her foot perched near her other knee, providing Charlie with an enticing view of her cunt. Her glistening cunt, wet from her juices and his tongue.

She looked supremely fuckable. But then, even fully dressed, she looked supremely fuckable. Her killer curves could not be hidden by clothes. He could even see them beneath the white lab coat she sometimes forgot to take off before leaving the uni. Damn, she looked good in that lab coat, all virginal and innocent, which he knew—from very personal experience—she was not.

Charlie fully suspected the woman could wear a potato sack and he’d find her hot.

“Char?” Her voice was throaty, raspy, like it always sounded after she’d just come.


She looked at him through sultry green eyes. “Could you take your shorts off and come over here so I can lick your balls?”

Charlie began to sweat. Seriously, how could a classy woman like her, an academic who looked and acted like an angel, talk like a hooker? It turned the very balls she wanted to lick inside out.

“I could do that, I guess. If you tell me why you wanna lick them.” He took out a condom and tossed the box onto the coffee table.

She gave a throaty chuckle, her pale skin flushing pink with excitement. “As if you don’t already know.”

He shucked his boardies, silently thanking God the pants hadn’t done him permanent damage. “Remind me.”

“Because, Surfer Dude, licking your balls gets me hot. Really hot. Like second-degree-burns hot. And besides.” Her lips curved into a wicked smile. “They taste like sin. Delicious and forbidden.”

His dick sprang free, thumping against his stomach.

“You just gonna lick ’em, Geek Girl?” Charlie made his way over to the arm of the couch where her head rested, surprised he could walk with a stiffy of this size.

Sarah shuffled up until her neck was supported by the arm and her head tipped over the edge.

“Uh-uh. I’m going to feast on them.”

And then her hands were on his legs and she was burrowing her head between his thighs, and true to her promise, licking his balls.

Jesus, fuck.

Her tongue was liquid fire, scalding him where it touched. And it touched everywhere. Left not an inch of his scrotum unexplored. His body lit up from head to toe, alive, alert and attentive. Hungry, starving for more of her feasting mouth. She licked, tickled and nuzzled, and when a fierce groan ripped from his throat, she sucked his left testicle into her mouth, gently yet firmly, and Charlie saw fucking fireworks.

He had to grip the base of his dick and squeeze to force down the urgency to come. Then he had to squeeze even harder when she released his left nut and sucked the right one into her mouth. But when she released that one and nuzzled her way farther back, pushing her tongue between his ass cheeks, he knew he had to stop her. Either they had to change positions or it would be game over before he ever got inside her.

And he wanted inside her.

How could he not? Being inside her was the best part of every week. And after visiting her last night he’d feared he might never have the opportunity to be inside her again. Sarah had been seriously interested in the other guy. So much so, Charlie had hated him without ever laying eyes on the guy.

Shit, Charlie had it bad for Sarah. Really, really bad.

He stepped back from her greedy mouth, grimacing with the effort it took to draw away, and almost changed his mind when her moan of protest echoed through his ears.

“Hush, beautiful. I’m not going far.”


Hey, I told you it was dirty!


Sorry, there are no pre-order details for this book…yet. But soon. It releases on the 17th of Sep, from Samhain.



3 thoughts on “More Than Lovers – a dirty little sneak peek

  1. Oh. My. GOD! Why can’t I have a hot surfer neighbour instead of 2 old guys either side of my house? That is way wayyyyy hot! I can’t wait to read more (and look for a house with a hot guy living next door haha!) x

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