More Than Friends is now available

I’m thrilled to announce that More Than Friends, the first book in a brand new series, More Than… is now available for download.

(Insert mad happy dancing here)



More Than Friends: The Blurb

He was her best friend…until he became her fantasy.

A More Than story.

Lucy Lawson’s got it bad. Bad as in stunned speechless by the situation she’s in, by the feelings sitting on her chest, ready to explode. She’s in love…with her best friend.

Problem is, telling Sebastian Blackford could destroy the best thing in her life, but the longer she keeps her feelings under wraps, the stronger the need to spill her secret.

The last thing Seb suspects is that his best mate is madly, wildly in love with him, or that he’s the star of her seriously dirty fantasies. Worse, he’s just started seeing someone he’d like to see again–and Lucy knows it.

So why does her confession hit him like a runaway train? And why can’t he get her explicit description of her fantasies out of his mind? They’ve never been more than friends, but now that he knows how Lucy feels, everything is out of whack.

Seb figures it’s up to him to get their relationship back on track. He’ll do it too, just as soon as he establishes which track is the right one.

Warning: After reading this, you may just be tempted to jump your best friend. It’s recommended you keep your partner on speed dial or a toy with fresh batteries on standby.


More Than Friends: An Excerpt

He pulled away and looked upward, beyond the ripped shirt, beyond the shredded lace bra and up to her face. The stream of tears trickling down her cheeks hit him like a blow to the gut.

His Loo, still trembling from the violence of her orgasm, stood slumped against the wall, crying. Her free hand—the one that wasn’t linked through his—covered her eyes, and her head drooped forward, brown curls cascading over her shoulders.

Seb bolted to his feet. Disentangling his hand from hers, he cupped her chin and cheeks between his palms and urged her to face him.

She refused.

“Look at me.” He was pressed close to her lower body, his clothed erection now nestled against her bare belly, and the knowledge nearly sent him over the edge.

As it was, he burned for release, burned with the impulse to come. He needed only to free his junk, pump himself once or twice and he’d blow like a crazed man.

But he fought back that primal drive. His orgasm was irrelevant compared to the woman sobbing against him.

Seb placed a thumb under her chin and forced her face up. Brown irises shimmered behind her tears, and as another drop escaped, he brushed it away. Her sobs wrenched his gut.

“Tears?” The word was a question. Just one word, because Seb’s heart had stuck in his throat, making speech difficult. Watching her cry tore him clean apart.

Her response was just as verbose as his, only a lot shakier. “Why?”


“W-why did you do that?”

“That?” Jesus, his head wasn’t working properly. His brain was still absorbed by the taste of her pussy, the feel of her cunt, the throbbing in his cock.

“This,” she corrected, her voice thready, her chest heaving. “Me. Naked. My clothes ripped. My… You…” She shook her head and closed her eyes, squeezing out more tears.

“You, my what, Loo?”

“You made me come.” She gulped in air. “Tore my shirt, my bra. Got me naked, and made me come. W-why?”

Seb blinked, the fog finally beginning to clear from his head. Why indeed?

“Why?” she asked again.

“I couldn’t not.” That was the best answer he had. The most honest one. “I followed you in here because I was scared you’d refuse to see me again if I didn’t. I wanted to be here, to talk to you, be with you, get us back on track. But then you showed me the bath, and you said you’d fucked yourself in it, and suddenly it was the only thing I could think of, the only thing I could see. You, naked and masturbating. Fuck, I needed to see it again, for real. Wanted to see it so bad it wiped rational thought from my mind.”

He’d acted on instinct. Experienced an impulse and followed through on it, without stopping to consider what he was doing or why. He’d wanted and he’d taken. Had Lucy not begun to cry, he’d have continued taking, continued licking her until he’d wrenched another orgasm from her tasty cunt. Maybe another two. Or three. The way he’d felt as he’d knelt before her, lost in his feeding frenzy, he wasn’t sure two or three more would have been enough.

He wasn’t sure a hundred orgasms would have satisfied him. He’d have been content to keep going until the only thing stopping him was sheer exhaustion—on Lucy’s part.

“The thought of you touching yourself was the sexiest thing I’d ever imagined. Made me hard as a fucking pole. But watching you do it? Seeing you with your hand on your pussy? Geez, imagination has nothing on you. Nothing.”

She swallowed, the muscles in her neck working against his forearm. “H-how did it make you feel?”

He grinned then and rocked against her, rubbing his erection against her bare belly. “You can’t tell?”

A shudder passed through her, but she shook her head and pressed her hand to his chest, right above his heart. “No, I mean, how did it make you feel in here?”

At that question, he faltered.

How did it make him feel emotionally? Hell, he didn’t have a clue. Hadn’t stopped to think about it. He hadn’t stopped to think about anything apart from how much he wanted her and how determined he was to have her. Physically, he felt fan-fucking-tastic.



Purchase Links for More Than Friends:

You can buy your copy at Amazon, Samhain, Barnes & Noble or Kobo.

More Than Lovers, book 2 in the series releases on the 17th of September


More Than Words, book 3, releases on the 12th of November.

Happy reading,



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