Let’s ramp up the heat a little

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As I said last night, I’m gonna post some excerpts from my upcoming releases this week.

But before I do that, I just wanna wish Mari Carr a very, very happy birthday.

And point out to whomever will listen that Mari is older than me. (Okay, so it may just be by a few months, but still…)

I would also like to let you know that the fabulous RG Alexander is gonna be visiting (The International Heat Blog) this week. She’s our Friday Friend. (YAY!) Plus, we have two releases at International Heat, from Bianca and Mari. (They’ll tell you all about them tomorrow.)

But now, let’s get back to excerpt thingy I promised.

I considered posting my fave part of every book – the first kiss. But then I changed my mind. See, it is freezing in Sydney today, and I think we all need to warm up a little. So let’s go for a hotter scene. Waddya  say?

First book up, my next release:



Book 2 in the More Than Series

It was just sex…until the booty calls got serious.


He wanted inside her.

How could he not? Being inside her was the best part of every week. And after visiting her last night he’d feared he might never have the opportunity to be inside her again. Sarah had been seriously interested in Saint Sebastian. So much so, Charlie had hated him without ever laying eyes on the guy.

Shit, Charlie had it bad for Sarah. Really, really bad.

He stepped back from her greedy mouth, grimacing with the effort it took to draw away, and almost changed his mind when her moan of protest echoed through his ears.

“Hush, beautiful. I’m not going far.”

Just as far as onto the couch, on his knees, straddling her chest. She wriggled down and grinned feverishly as he offered her his dick, her green gaze glued to his swollen shaft.

“Suck it, Sar. I wanna see those pink lips swallow me down.”

And then her hands were on his ass, pushing him forward, closer to her mouth. She didn’t bother with niceties. Didn’t stop to swirl her tongue around the tip of his cock as she sometimes did. Didn’t lick him from root to tip, which she knew blew his mind. She just parted her lips, tilted her head, and swallowed him, like he’d ask.

“Ah, fuck.” Forget blowing his mind, he about blew his load the second his cockhead touched the back of her throat.

He had no idea how she did that, how she managed not to choke, but Christ, he was grateful. Grateful and desperate. He had to scrunch his eyes shut and concentrate intensely on not coming. Had to bite down on his cheek hard enough to cause pain, dig his nails into the soft leather of the couch and clench his jaw. His free hand almost crushed the condom, and he made a concerted effort to relax his fingers.

That condom was going to be used. No point destroying it now—no matter how damn good her mouth felt. No matter how incredibly sensual she looked, bobbing her head up and down his dick.

“Sure you don’t wanna marry me, Sar?”

She let him slide from her mouth slowly and gave a low, raspy laugh that reverberated all the way down his spine. “Let me know when marriage moves to the top of your list. Maybe I’ll reconsider then.”

And there it was. The sensational slide of her tongue from the root of his cock to the tip. He had to catch his breath before he could explain. “I’m not just asking because of the Brazilian, you know.”

“I know. It’s because—according to you—I give the best damn head this side of the equator.” She licked him again.

“Both sides of the equator,” he corrected. In truth, the Brazilian and the blow jobs had nothing to do with the real reason he now joked about marriage. Nothing at all. Although they were both an undeniable bonus. “Think you’d ever have given Sebastian a blow job as good as this one?”

“I’ll never know.” She shrugged and swirled that wicked tongue around his cockhead. Beads of pre-come leaked from his shaft, and she moaned softly as she tasted them.

Fuck, chills raced up his spine. “Think he tastes as good as I do?” Charlie knew she loved the taste of his cock. She told him as much often.

“No one tastes as good as you.” And to prove her point she swallowed him whole again, feasting on him.


More Than Lovers releases on the 10th of Sep.

You can pre-order your copy at Samhain, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.



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