Keeping the temperature soaring…

(Yep, this is also posted on International Heat.)

Since I posted a hot excerpt for More Than Lovers, I feel it’s only right to continue the trend with my October release, the third book in the Speed series, Rhythm Of My Heart.

But before I do, I thought I’d share the video of the song that inspired this book. I must have listened to it hundreds of times while writing, and each time, I fell a little more in love with both the song and the book. The song reflects the book perfectly!


Speed, Book 3

He rocks every woman’s world, but his heart beats only for her.

An Excerpt:

Silky, soft, slick.

Fu-uck! She tasted good.

“Zachary.” Eve squealed his name. Not a loud squeal. Not even a high-pitched one. Just a yelp that made his balls draw tight and his cock stiffen uncomfortably.

“Mm?” He couldn’t talk. His mouth was full, his tongue busy. He’d buried his head between Eve’s legs and greedily helped himself to a serving of her pussy.

“That’s… You—! Oh, God.”

She gave up trying to form coherent sentences and bent her legs, spreading her thighs as creamed honey spilled on his tongue and spurred something primal in his chest.

Yeah, he lapped at her hungrily, loving the way her clit swelled against his lips and her slick folds invited deeper exploration. But he wanted more. He wanted everything from her. Zachary had an unshakable desire to stake his claim on her body and make her his, wholly and completely.

The idea of sliding his dick home, of burying himself in her heat and becoming one with her did crazy things to his blood pressure.

The physical side of his need he could comprehend. Feverish lust gripped him, throwing him headfirst into an unexpected infatuation with the gorgeous makeup artist. The emotional side he couldn’t. In his wildest fantasies he hadn’t imagined himself craving the company and the taste of any woman other than his redheaded destiny.

But Eve. Jesus, Eve was changing all the rules, changing the game. Zachary couldn’t even focus on the redhead with any clarity. Didn’t want to. Not while his mouth covered the most intimate, most secret, most delicious part of this tiny woman.

He lost himself to the flavor of her passion. Creamy. Sweet. A little salty. Her pussy had just hit number one on his list of temptations. A man could grow addicted to her taste. One lick would never be enough. Perhaps a sample once a day for the rest of his life might work. Okay, twice a day. Three times even.

It’d be worth it. Her essence could replace food. It would sustain him. Nourish him.

He stopped thinking and gave himself over to the gratification of licking her. Sucking on her clit. Kissing her pussy. Gorging on her.

 Take your time, Zachary. Appreciate what you have before you.

Fuck, it was impossible. He couldn’t go slow, couldn’t take his time. He just needed to taste her. All of her. Make her scream with raw need. Rake her nails down his back with blistering desire. Make her come on his tongue, over and over again.

Eve writhed on the bed, shivers rippling up her legs, making them quiver against his arms.

He loved it. Grew fucking high on her response, her taste.

He placed his hands beneath her ass, filled his palms with two firm butt cheeks and lifted her higher so he could worship more of her.

He flattened his tongue against her slit and licked her from her pussy lips to her clit and back down again.

Eve squealed. Her nails dug into his shoulders and she pushed her groin harder against her mouth.

Zachary licked her again and again, loving the warmth beneath his tongue, the slick heat, the tight nub, the way her shivering increased until she trembled against his face.

And still he licked steadily, squeezing her buttocks, heady from her scent and her reaction.

“Oh, God…Zachary. I’m going to… Can’t stop. I…I! Oh, God. Oh, my fucking God.”

 Ah, Jesus. He wasn’t sure he could survive this. Wasn’t sure he could escape her release unscathed. Already she’d reached a part of him he’d never let a woman reach before. If she gave him everything, he might be forced to return her gift—with his heart.


Rhythm Of My Heart releases on the 8th of Oct, and is available for pre-order now at Samhain, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.



4 thoughts on “Keeping the temperature soaring…

  1. Oh, my heck, Wow. I’ve been waiting to read this book for a while now, and now I don’t know IF I can wait. Great excerpt.

  2. I agree that is too long to wait! My goodness I can’t wait to get my hands on this book! Btw I love Emeli Sandé and that is a great song. 🙂

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